We stock a wide range of STIHL garden tools at Sims Garden Machinery. STIHL is an industry renowned garden machine company, producing a wide range of lawnmowers, with both petrol and electric engines. STIHL lawnmowers are available in both push and self-propelling models. STIHL also produces heavy-duty chainsaws, hedge trimmers, and brushcutters, perfect for professional work. We also sell a range of STIHL leaf blowers, with both handheld and backpack models available. There is also a selection of STIHL clothing and accessories, including protective helmets and boots.

Our range of STIHL garden tools can be delivered across the UK. If you have ordered gardening equipment, such as a lawnmower or chainsaw, a member of our team will assemble and demonstrate it for you upon delivery.


As a brand, STIHL's international reputation goes before it and the name is well known and respected by homeowners and gardening professionals alike.

STIHL has created and honed a number of innovations, particularly in the development of its chainsaws, one of its flagship products. STIHL chainsaws are well known and sought after for their power, sturdy construction, durability and user-friendly features!

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