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Toro Lawn Mowers – Our Top 5 Picks from the Toro Lawnmower Range

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Toro lawn mowers are widely recognised by gardening professionals due to their sleek designs, super-powerful motors and usually great prices. Any mower from the Toro range will certainly give your neighbours something to envy. 

From Toro commercial mowers to Toro petrol mowers and ride-on, we discuss our favourite features from the UK’s favourite gardening machinery range, and how each piece in their collection will benefit you and your garden’s needs. For our in-depth Toro lawn mower reviews, take a look below, and make your choice of lawnmower based on the best value for money, technological prowess, and our favourite features that we think you’ll love too. 

1. Toro TurfMaster® HDX 30″ Commercial Mower

Do you run a successful gardening and landscaping business? Then you’ll know how important uptime is for your mowers when completing grass cutting jobs. With the Toro TurfMaster® HDX 30″ Commercial Mower and its wide 76cm mowing deck, you’ll experience the benefit of being able to cut more grass in fewer passes of the mower than ever before. 

With a super-strong MV702 transmission, even hilly terrain creating full bags of clippings will be rendered a breeze. 

The entire construction of this mower, from the ground up, has been designed for heavier use; even in rough conditions. From curbs and trailers to multiple operators, this mower can handle it all. If refuelling is the bane of your life, and let’s be real – it is pretty annoying, forget about having to refuel as often with the large 3.8-litre petrol tank. 

Our Favourite Features

  • Impact Protection:
    A greatly durable steel bullnose front bumper, brush guard, and engine guard, all feature great defences against accidental damage or damage from obstacles like rocks. These features help to protect components that are highly susceptible to damage from being in harm’s way.  
  • Heavy-duty Components:
    Toro commercial mowers feature deck skid plates, tough and sealed transmission, and a strong one-piece handle that are all specially designed for the rigorous demands that come from commercial mowing.  
  • Blade Stop System:
    This intuitive system enables the user to stop the blades without the need to turn off the entire machine. This saves time, and adds another layer of safety to the machine, for when you need to step away for a moment to move obstacles out of the way; or to empty the grass bag.

Not only is this Toro TurfMaster® HDX 30″ Commercial Mower built to last, but this model of toro petrol mowers is also designed to give you the professional-quality cut your customers demand even the most complex mowing jobs.

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2. Toro TimeMaster 30″ Variable Speed Electric Start Mower

Do you have a larger garden, but simply not enough time to cut it? Rather than forking out for a landscaper, the Toro TimeMaster 30″ Variable Speed Electric Start Mower will help to solve the problems you’re facing. 

By covering far more ground in substantially less time compared to other commercially available mowers, this Toro electric lawn mower’s sleek, lightweight, body helps you to run circles around trees and shrubs in a fraction of the time. Also featuring a large 76cm cutting deck, you can deal with large areas of overgrown and unsightly grass quickly and easily. 

This model also features the Dual-Force cutting system and, alongside the Toro Atomic blades, you can cut grass into a super fine mulch that will allow for a superior quality of cut and a healthier-than-ever lawn.

If you’ve been looking for a mower that really packs a punch, the Toro TimeMaster 30″ Variable Speed Electric Start Mower is the ideal model for you. This model also features a highly powerful Briggs & Stratton® OHV engine, convenient electric start capabilities, a durable cast aluminium frame, and a heavy-duty steel deck. You can count on all these features to make the TimeMaster able to deliver the high performance and unmatched durability that you’ve been looking for.

Our Top Features

  • 11.9 NM Gross Torque Briggs & Stratton® OHV Engine:
    A highly powerful 11.9 NM (8.75 ft.-lb) Gross Torque Briggs & Stratton® OHV engine helps to deliver the performance, durability, and power that Toro lawn mowers are renowned for in the industry.
  • Quick Stow:
    Featuring two storage positions for convenient and compact storage, alongside handy handle positions, this model ensures that you have the most comfortable mowing experience possible.
  • Washout Port:
    Featuring a small, discreet, port on the side of the machine, you can simply plug your hose in and fully clean the underside of your machine. 

Do you want a mower that can offer unparalleled levels of convenience for you, your garden, and your busy life? The Toro TimeMaster 30″ Variable Speed Electric Start Mower makes mowing your larger garden a complete breeze.

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3. Toro TimeCutter® HD X5450 Zero Turn Mower

Considering its size, the Toro zero turn riding lawn mower has the impressive ability to be able to turn efficiently, practically on a sixpence. This machine has this outstanding capability due to its combination of front-mounted castor wheels, which also feature an independent rear-wheel hydrostatic transmission. 

By using the highly responsive steering control and levers, obstacles can be cleared like nothing. So if you have a garden, or are trimming a commercial area, with ponds, trees, bushes, or other fixtures that need to be avoided, this agile riding mower can negotiate even the most treacherous gardens with ease and speed. This mower also enables end-of-pass realignment manoeuvres to be more of a breeze than ever before – especially compared to conventionally steered ride-on mowers. 

The Toro TimeCutter® HD X5450 also features the widest-in-class 137cm mower deck. Having been fashioned from heavy-gauge welded steel for rugged durability, this model is also fitted with anti-scalp wheels that prevent turf-marking; meaning you don’t have to worry about ruining your lawn when turning on uneven terrain.

Last, but certainly not least, not only does the fantastically powerful Toro HDX5450 Timecutter also features a high-capacity 708cc Toro air-cooled four-stroke engine alongside bending V-Twin cylinders with overhead valves. These features allow torque output to be maximised alongside a minimal production of vibration, noise, emissions and fuel consumption; making this model a highly neighbourhood friendly option. Speaking of fuel consumption, this model has a brilliant 18.7-litre fuel capacity, making this one of the highest capacity Toro petrol mowers. 

Interested in one of the best Toro riding mowers? The Toro TimeCutter® HD X5450 boasts prowess in power, manoeuvrability, and usability, meaning you’ll have a fantastically easy time landscaping the garden you’ve really been wanting. 

Discover the Toro TimeCutter® HD X5450

4. Toro Recycler 22″ Variable Speed Mower

The Toro Recycler 22″ Variable Speed Mower is a petrol-powered automatic drive mower that grants you the ability to mow large lawns up to 1,000 square metres with ease. If you like to take your time, or speed things along, the smart Automatic Drive System smoothly adjusts mower speed to your preferred personal pace.

This model also enables you to quickly switch from recycling to bagging, so if you’d prefer to not mulch your garden, you can easily return to the default bagging mode that you’re used to. You can even adjust handlebar height for a comfortable mowing experience. If, after a long day of mowing the lawn, you dread cleaning the underside – the washout port comes in handy. Simply connect a hose to the Washout Port to easily clean grass clippings from under the deck.

What we Love About This Model

  • Toro Recycler Cutting System:
    Recycling is not only good for the environment, but also your lawn. The smart design of the cutting chamber and blade enables grass to be repeatedly chopped into tiny pieces – forcing them back into the ground where they quickly and naturally decompose in order to provide the soil with nutrients; resulting in a healthier lawn.
  • Bag on Demand:
    The innovative Toro bag on-demand feature grants you the ability to switch from mulching to bagging in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the open single piece handle design, you can remove and reinstall the bag quickly and easily. 

Looking for a lawn mower that can help make your grass greener and healthier than ever? With smart grass recycling technology, you don’t need to go out of your way to buy grass fertiliser that is bad for the environment. This lawnmower helps cut grass to decompose into the ground – packing it with nutrients.

Explore the Toro Recycler 22″ Variable Speed Mower.

5. Toro Recycler 21″ Electric Start Mower

The most popular model of the Toro Recycler mower, the Toro Recycler 21″ Electric Start Mower offers a powerful combination of fantastic features. This includes excellent performance, versatility and value for money.
This Toro Recycler mower features a highly durable steel deck, which works to give you years of reliable service.

The Best Features

  • 3-in-one Versatility:
    This model enables you to choose between recycling, rear or side discharge, or grass collection. This fantastic all in one mower gives you a brilliant level of choice with a wide range of options suitable for all conditions.
  • Large Grass Bag:
    This model features a huge 70 litre grass bag, meaning you won’t have to empty the bag as often compared to other models. This also makes clipping disposal quicker, and easier, than ever before.
  • Deep Deck & Developed Scroll:
    Featuring a brand new and upgraded design, this model improves upon suction for more efficient recycling and bagging performance capabilities. 

Do you require an all-rounder toro lawn mower that is able to keep up with your wide range of needs for your gardening endeavours? The Toro Recycler 21″ Electric Start Mower may be the best for you.
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