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The 3 Best Cordless Lawn Mowers in the UK Right Now

We have been leading the industry in providing the best garden machinery to the UK since 1908, so we know a lot about the best cordless lawn mowers. While petrol mowers use fuel as their power source, cordless mowers give you an electric battery that is rechargeable and perfectly suitable for small garden spaces – and there are models designed for larger areas too.

Cordless mowers will have sufficient run time to cut small and medium-sized lawns with no trouble. The benefits of choosing a cordless lawn mower include the following:

  • Suitable for most budgets: Cordless electric lawn mowers are cheaper than their petrol-powered counterparts. If you have a small lawn then there is no need to invest in more expensive petrol mowers as cordless mowers provide sufficient cutting widths and cutting heights to manage the grass.
  • Easy to manoeuvre: You can benefit from the easy manoeuvrability that a cordless lawn mower delivers, thanks to them using fewer parts and lighter-weight materials. This makes cordless designs great for people who are uncomfortable using big mowers designed for large garden spaces.
  • Rechargeable batteries: Fuel is expensive, but with a lithium-ion battery you get a fast charge time of up to 30 minutes. Using a spare battery and charger means you can quickly swap out a drained battery and continue mowing, handy for large gardens. Modern models have great battery life.

Here we will explore the best cordless mowers available to buy right now, which includes cheaper models for small gardens and more expensive types for large gardens or tackling longer grass. It can be difficult to choose a mower but we will help by providing a rundown of the best models and their features.

We are an ideal source of information on what the best cordless lawn mowers are because we provide only the best garden and lawn care machinery throughout the UK. Feel free to browse our online shop and buy online today, with free shipping on orders over £200. 
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The Best Cordless Lawn Mowers in the UK

Before we get into the details of specific models, we can assist you by offering some information on what will make the most appropriate choice. Remember that compact designs have a lower power battery and will be unsuitable for large gardens or longer grass – so this is a primary consideration when choosing.

Another important point is to consider the frequency and intensity of your planned usage. Some cordless mowers have small batteries and a quick charge time, whereas others have a larger battery that will mean waiting a few hours to charge it fully. If you use the mower a lot a big battery, or spare, may be necessary.

With these two important points in mind, we can look at some of the best cordless lawn mowers for various types of use.

1. The All-Rounder: STIHL RMA 448 VC 18″ Cordless Variable Speed Lawnmower

First on our list is a mower for a wide range of uses, the STIHL RMA 448 VC 18″ Cordless Variable Speed Lawnmower. With a powerful rotating cylinder, it will be suitable for most lawns, and it has a long battery life that is suitable for large gardens. It is a quiet, emission-free model, which is great for urban gardens.

Some of the key features of the STIHL RMA 448 VC 18″ Cordless Variable Speed Lawnmower include the following:

  • Easy storage: Lawn mowers can be cumbersome, especially in an urban area, but this mower is simple to move and store thanks to its low weight and foldable handle. At 24 kilograms (kg) it is easy to roll on its wheels and can neatly tuck into an alcove, shed or garden storage area.
  • Resistant design: Garden machinery can be subjected to the elements of moisture, heat, sun and wear and tear – but this mower has a lightweight polymer design that resists heat and ultraviolet radiation. The sturdy STIHL manufacturing process protects the battery and inner mechanisms.
  • Adjustable handlebar: This model is particularly easy to manoeuvre, with an ergonomic handlebar that you can adjust to match your height. This feature is useful for settings where multiple people might use the mower. The ease of use and the height adjustment makes this mower versatile.

With a cutting width of 46 centimetres (cm) (or 18 inches (“)) and a grass capacity of 55 litres (l), this is a fabulous all-round mower for multiple sizes of lawn. It comes with variable speed drive functionality, which will give you even greater versatility, and the battery life will easily manage to cover up to 400 square meters of lawn.

2. The Power Player: Honda izy-ON HRG 416 XB 16″ Cordless Push Mower

This mower is not a heavyweight, it has a very compact design and weighs 22.5 kg. However, it is pound for pound arguably the most powerful cordless lawn mower. You can take advantage of the next-generation Honda battery technology and the performance that delivers a professional level of lawn cutting.

Details on the main benefits of the Honda izy-ON HRG 416 XB 16″ Cordless Push Mower include the following:

  • Strong and sturdy: This mower comes with the same steel decking as the petrol-powered equivalent, giving you a solid and durable mower that can handle lots of use. The steel materials provide some extra weight to the compact design to achieve Honda’s renowned cutting performance.
  • Long-lasting power: The innovative battery on this model lets you take advantage of thermo-smart technology, for long-lasting performance. By monitoring voltage and thermal performance in the battery cells, it is possible to get the best functionality no matter how charged it may be.
  • Cutting performance: With a cutting width of 41 cm (16”) you get the capabilities of a larger mower in a very compact design, it is small enough for easy storage too. There are also 6 cutting positions, with height adjustments ranging from 20-74 millimetres and a 42 l grass capacity

3. The Little Guy: STIHL RMA 235 13″ Cordless Lawnmower

STIHL makes a return as the final cordless lawn mower in this list, with a great design that is perfect for small gardens. It is the best small mower for people looking for effective electric mowing on a budget. With many features of the larger model, it packs a powerful punch and provides great cutting at just 14 kg.

Some of the core components of the STIHL RMA 235 13″ Cordless Lawnmower that make it one of the best small designs include the following:

  • Lightweight design: While electric mowers are generally a lot lighter than other types, this one comes in at a feather-light 14 kg. It is very easy to push and the weight makes it super manoeuvrable across corners of lawns and when mowing the lawn on an incline.
  • Large grass box size: This model is still amazingly capable of high performance in terms of grass collection, it has a massive 30 l grass box that can handle shorter grass on large lawns or longer grass on small lawns very well. Both the small and large models have a folding grass box design.
  • Eco-performance: You will get an economical battery with this STIHL RMA series of cordless mowers, which is even more important for the compact models that might not experience heavy or intensive use. Turn on eco mode to automatically adapt the motor to the level of power you are using.

This is a cheaper model of the STIHL cordless mower we listed above. However, good things come in small packages and this is a great electric mower with stellar battery performance and heavy-duty functionality. If you are looking for high-performance at a lower budget this is the model for you.

What to Look for When Choosing a Cordless Lawn Mower

The above lawn mowers are some of the best available, but you may have a different model in mind or simply want to browse a selection in a store before buying. If this is the case, then you can easily find a cordless lawn mower that is reliable and effective if you look for the following criteria.

  • Battery life and quality: There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of mowing a lawn only to have it conk out, leaving you with an incomplete job. Look for the battery life information but also note models that feature advanced battery technology, as this is a sign of reliability.
  • Build materials: If you see a model that uses sturdy metal, polymers and other hardwearing materials such as fibreglass this is a sign the mower will withstand the use it needs to – as well as being lightweight and easily manoeuvrable. Avoid flimsy plastic models as these can damage easily.
  • Cutting width and height: Some cordless mowers are only usable on short grass, or will at least be less effective on tall grass. Make sure you know the cutting width and height you need and that mower is capable of reaching it. Cutting width is important for saving time, and battery, on large lawns.

Reputable brand names are another indicator of quality, Honda and STIHL are excellent but other ones include the following:

  • Mountfield.
  • Stiga.

This is not an exhaustive list, many companies make fantastic cordless mowers, but these brands are reliable and have a reputation for good quality products.

The Takeaways of the Best Cordless Lawn Mowers 

Whether you are getting a cheaper, smaller push mower or a pricier, bigger self-propelled mower you want to get the best one. The good news is there are options for small gardens that are just as effective as the options for large gardens. Small models have compact designs that incorporate excellent features.

We provide the best cordless lawn mowers and many other pieces of garden machinery equipment in the UK. The electric mowers listed above are available to buy from our online shop, with free delivery on all items over the value of £200. If you have any further questions or trouble buying please feel free to get in touch.

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