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Stiga Mowers Review – What Can You Expect From the Range

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The Stiga brand is widely recognised as having some of the highest quality mowers on the market to date. Stiga mowers are well-engineered and are designed to cut any lawn condition with precision, speed and comfort, making your gardening chores an absolute breeze.

If you’re interested in the Stiga UK mower range but aren’t quite sure which model will best suit your usual tasks, let this article be your guide. Compiling the most relevant information, this guide will help you make the best decision possible for a mower that will produce the highest quality results for your gardening needs. 

1. Stiga Multiclip 50 SXE B Electric Start Mulching Mower

Featuring a 48cm blade, and being powered with an ultra-powerful 163cc Briggs & Stratton 675 Isi InStart engine, this self-propelled Stiga mulching mower model really packs a punch when combating your gardening chores. The super-powerful engine boasts a net power output at 2.60kw, 2900rpm, and also features an electric start that makes using this machine effortless. No need to dislocate your shoulder trying to start your mower with a pull cord here. 

The Stiga Multiclip 50 SXE B also delivers a precise cut, then finely shreds cuttings with a state-of-the-art mulching system. Reducing the need to continuously collect the grass as it can be returned to the ground to fertilise your lawn. 

Also boasting a 40cm cutting width, the steel chassis and its ergonomic handle can be adjusted to bring your desired grass length to your lawn, as well as eliminating the need to struggle with difficult to cut areas like corners and close-to-wall grass. 

Technology in the Stiga Multiclip 50 SXE B we Love

  • Multiclip Blade:
    Stiga Multiclip blades are specially designed pieces of equipment that allow you to nourish your lawn with mulching, whilst saving time and money spent picking up clumps of grass and transporting them to the dump every time.

    The technique used alongside these blades grants the capability to finely shred collected grass clippings and return the resulting product back onto the ground during the mowing process.

    This is a fantastic way to nourish less-healthy lawns with a practically invisible natural fertiliser that will help your grass grow back greener than ever and protects against droughts in long, hot, summers. 
  • X-shape Handlebar:
    Allowing you to manoeuvre into the tightest of corners, under bushes, and right up to walls, the adjustable X-shaped handlebar with an anti-vibration feature grants the highest level of accessibility and manoeuvrability ever known to Stiga mowers. 

Does the Stiga Multiclip 50 SXE B Electric Start Mulching Mower sound like the perfect fit for your needs in terms of accessibility, cutting prowess, and power? Then check out the Stiga mulching mower here

2. Stiga SLM 544 AE 16″ Cordless Mower

If you’re considering the Stiga SLM 544 AE 16″ Cordless Mower, you’ll enjoy having the benefit of the substantial battery power offered by the 48v lithium-ion battery. This model grants the ability to mow your lawn with the worry of dirt, noise, and high-maintenance requirements of petrol lawnmowers removed. 

This Stiga cordless mower is a lightweight, hand-propelled machine that offers optimal levels of manoeuvrability; requiring minimal effort to push even when on sloping terrain. 

Our Favourite Features from the Stiga SLM 544 AE 16″ Cordless Mower

  • Ergonomic Controls:
    With intuitive controls designed with accessibility in mind, any keen gardener will find this model of Stiga mower easy to operate. The brand-new redesigned handlebar cam-locks make setting up this mower quicker and easier than ever from its space-saving vertical storage position.
  • Neighbourhood-friendly:
    This model of mower features a fantastically powerful lithium-ion battery. This means that there are zero polluting and smelly petrol emissions being produced, less noise, and less vibration; making the Stiga SLM 544 AE 16” very neighbour friendly. 
  • Having a lithium-ion battery cordless mower also means that there are no cords to contend with. Making this model a fantastic model for larger gardens as you aren’t hindered to a certain range with your cables. 

Interested in a highly powerful, quiet, and non-polluting Stiga battery mower? The Stiga SLM 544 AE 16″ Cordless Mower may be the perfect fit for you and your specific needs. Find it here

3. Stiga Park 520 P Out-Front Ride-On with 100cm QF Electric Lift Deck

Flexibility, reliability, and manoeuvrability are all neatly tied in one package with this model of Stiga ride-on mower. The Park 520 P Out-Front mower is powered by an ultra-powerful and reliable 452cc one-cylinder engine, and a light 50:50 articulation with power steering can help you to avoid all kinds of obstacles that you may come across in your garden. 

If you have a larger garden with multiple different features, such as trees, ponds, gazebos, or anything similar, you can glide around these obstacles with ease and never compromise on cut quality. The front mower also features an easily accessible side dashboard and compartment, automatic updates to your digitally enabled devices, and LED headlights for mowing in lower visibility.

Best Features of the Stiga Park 520 P Out-Front Ride-On 

  • 50:50 Articulated Steering:
    As previously mentioned, this model features 50:50 articulated steering, granting completely effortless handling for a far easier time mowing than other ride-on models. The machine’s back end follows the front perfectly, meaning you don’t need to worry about messing up your perfectly manicured stripes as you move across your lawn.
    You can even effectively dodge out of the way if an unexpected obstacle is in your path, like a rock or large stone.
  • Quickflip:
    Cleaning your mower can be such a chore. Long-winded and methodical tasks like these can be made easier, right? Correct. With Quickflip technology, you can look forward to completing a clean sweep of your mower in 30 seconds or less – lighting fast!
    Simply lift up the front mower cutting deck, and rinse with a garden hose. An effortless post-mow clear up.
  • Stiga Petrol-Powered Engine:
    From ride-on lawnmowers and tractors to swift-to-start sweepers, Stiga petrol engines really pack a powerful punch for the whole range of Stiga petrol lawnmowers. Boasting maximum levels of performance and minimum emissions, our Stiga petrol lawnmowers are fantastic for all solutions. 

Do you have a large garden and are in need of a Stiga ride-on mower? Ditch your push mower and save time with the Stiga Park 520 P Out-Front Ride-On with 100cm QF Electric Lift Deck. Find it here

4. Stiga Tornado 7121 HWSY 48″ Side-Discharge/Mulch Lawn Tractor

This massively powerful 688cc lawn tractor features an extra-wide 121cm triple-blade cutter deck. A fantastic solution to cutting grass in very large gardens, and for commercial projects in public gardens and parks. The Stiga Tornado 7121 can also be set up to either mulch or side-discharge grass clippings, able to bring lawns back to a beautifully healthy green, or simply leave the grass clippings to collect or decompose. 

If you tend to cut through thicker and longer grass up to 8500m2, this model is equipped with a high-torque Honda V-Twin engine that can make quick work of these tough tasks. 

Exciting Features of the Stiga Tornado 7121 HWSY

  • Side-Discharge for Overgrown Grass:
    Side-discharge technology is the traditional method for mowing grass that has become too tall to collect practically. The long cut grass is efficiently ejected through a strong, impact-resistant, exit chute; allowing cut grass to accumulate in tidy rows as you mow.
  • Able to Face Any Challenge:
    Well-sized rear wheels mean that the Stiga Tornado is able to power its way up slopes and across unstable terrain without skidding or slipping. Turf damage is also prevented on more delicate surfaces with these wheels, as they provide a smoother run across all kinds of landscapes.
  • Smart Mowing Technology:
    With a smart 5.5-inch widescreen colour display, you’ll have all the information you need right in front of you. Any details regarding the status of your tractor’s vitals can be found here, and it’s easy to read under any lighting conditions too.
    A new “best cutting zone” feature is also incorporated to ensure the best possible cutting performance by improving the relationship between forward speed, and drive speed.

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate grass cutting solution, you’ve found it. The Stiga Tornado 7121 HWSY 48″ Side-Discharge/Mulch Lawn Tractor is a beast when it comes to efficient lawn care, and is best for very large areas. Interested? Find it here.

5. Stiga Park 120 Out-Front Ride-On with 85cm QF Deck

As a compact front cut Stiga ride-on lawnmower, the Stiga Park is equipped with a patented Stiga engine and articulated steering for the best manoeuvrability and ease of use found on the market.
This Stiga ride-on lawnmower is also equipped with the 85cm combi cutting deck which features Quickflip technology for easier cleaning and storage. 

Our Favourite Things About the Stiga Park 120

  • Quick Connection:
    The RAC system included with this model enables the cutting deck, and any additional parts purchased separately, to be quickly and securely connected to the machine.
  • Level Check-Cap:
    Never sure how much fuel you’ve got left in the tank? The cap with a level gauge makes it easier than ever to know exactly how much you’ve got left before you need to refill.
  • Cutting Deck with Quickflip Technology:
    Teamed with quick flip technology, this mower enables easy access to the cutting deck with one easy motion. This allows for quicker cleaning and better access for maintenance purposes.

Looking for a ride-on mower that combines ingenuity with accessibility? The Stiga Park 120 Out-Front Ride-On with 85cm QF Deck may be for you. Find it here.

For More Information on Stiga Mowers, Contact SIMS Garden Machinery Today

If you like the sound of any of the above mowers or would like more information about our expanded Stiga range, why not get in touch with our friendly customer services team? 

We hope this Stiga mower review article helped to inform and guide you towards a purchase that will benefit you the most. If you do still have any further questions about any of the models mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. 

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