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Hayter Lawnmowers Review – Our Top 5 Picks from Hayter Mower’s UK Range

Hayter lawnmowers are synonymous with high quality results, and premium gardening equipment. This range is one of our team’s favourites, and it can be yours too as they’re guaranteed to get the job done right. However, which model is the best for you?

Today, we’ll be reviewing five favourite picks from their range, the differences between each model, and why we think they’re better than your conventional mower.

1. Hayter Harrier 56 PRO 22″ Roller Mower

This Hayter lawnmower model is a complete, ground-up, re-development of the original model. The Harrier PRO Hayter roller mower features up to 90% brand new designed and engineered components compared to the previous range. 

This resulted in a lawnmower range that has the capability of delivering a fantastic day-in and day-out professional grade strength, performance, and reliability that is well in-demand by the highest echelon of quality gardeners and landscapers.

Features and Benefits we Love

There are a wide range of fantastic features within Hayter Harrier 56 PRO 22” roller lawn mowers that really enhance the results the machine produces, and also make your life easier when mowing. Here’s just some of our favourites:

  • Advanced Cut & Collect Systems:
    In order to achieve the maximum grass collection performance, a highly unique deck underside and blade profile are designed using highly sophisticated aerospace technology
  • Crank-Shaft Protection:
    Utilising the first of its kind, a brand new Crank-Safe BBC System, this patented system combines the ease of use of a BBC system with the reassurance and guarantee of a lifetime crank-shaft warranty
  • Strong Construction:
    Featuring aluminium cutter decks, this model has unbelievable strength and corrosion resistance, an extremely hard-wearing machine that is perfect for all weather. The material used also enables ease of use due to the lightweight nature of aluminium
  • Easy Maintenance:
    If you’re sick of having to clean the gunk out of your lawnmower as it can be a pretty mammoth task, then worry no longer. This model features a handy hose connector, allowing you to clean the underside without the need to dirty your hands

Do you love the Hayter Harrier 56 PRO 22″ roller mower as much as we do? Does it sound like a great fit for your needs? Take a look for yourself! Find it here

2. Hayter Harrier 41 Variable Speed Electric Start Roller Mower

As one of the most popular Hayter petrol lawnmower models, the Harrier is an all-around high quality, high-performance petrol rear roller lawnmower. This Hayter petrol mower model has the capability of creating perfectly landscaped and beautifully cut striped lawns in any sized garden.

Our Favourite Things About This Model

  • Perfect Stripes:
    With the use of a two-piece ribbed rear roller, you can create perfectly manicured stripes with the assistance of superior traction, manoeuvrability, along with the prevention of turf marking when you turn the machine
  • Crank-shaft Protection:
    This model comes alongside a lifetime crack-shaft warranty. So if any bending occurs if you accidentally hit a large object that can’t be mowed, like a rock, you’re protected. Lovely!
  • Edge Mowing:
    Trim Side technology means that your garden features won’t have grass climbing up the sides. You can cut grass right to the edge of any obstacles like borders, raised flower beds, water features, and retaining walls

Need a lawnmower that really works for you? To manicure your gardens without any of the faffs of trimming the sides, the Hayter Harrier 41 Variable Speed Electric Start Roller Mower is your number one choice. Find it here

3. Hayter Spirit 41 16″ Self-Propelled Roller Mower

You may be pleased to know that the Hayter Spirit 41 petrol rear roller lawnmower utilises a fantastic, state-of-the-art, aluminium skeleton chassis. It also features a tough ABS polymer that covers the underdeck. This helps to provide strength, durability, and a sleek, beautiful, design to the mower itself. 

Not only this, but with a cutting width of 41cm, you can create those sought-after stripes on any kind of lawn.

The Best Features Are:

  • Easy Adjustment:
    With the use of a single lever, you can achieve cutting heights of between 25-70mm for the perfect grass length you need for your style of garden.
  • Built to Last:
    If you’re looking for a lawnmower that can run smoothly for its entire, long, lifespan, this is the model for you. With ball race bearings, this can all be achieved effectively, and efficiently.
  • Perfect Stripes:
    Featuring a ribbed rear roller, achieving those highly fashionable perfectly sharp stripes on your lawn can be achieved easier than ever. 

If you’re looking for a mower that can help you achieve your goals of a perfectly manicured lawn, and highly fashionable grass stripes, the Hayter Spirit 41 16″ Self-Propelled Roller Mower is the one for you. Find it here

4. Hayter Spirit 41 16″ Push Electric Roller Mower

A revolutionised design compared to its predecessor. The Hayter Spirit 41 Push Electric Roller Mower may be compact in size, but it really packs a punch as an efficient electric lawnmower.
As is expected with Hayter push mowers, the fine striped finish will feature prominently on your lawn.

Our Top Features & Benefits:

  • Long-length Cable:
    A super-long 17m power lead enables a dramatically increased reach throughout your garden and is even detachable for easier storage
  • Reliable Power:
    This power may be small, but it has some hidden power under the hood. Featuring the 1500w induction motor, this mower packs a punch whilst also remaining neighbourhood friendly with low noise pollution and smooth operating.
  • Easy Adjustment:
    With the use of a single lever, you can achieve grass cutting heights with settings ranging from 25mm, all the way to 75mm, and in between. This mower will help you achieve the exact look you’ve been looking for. 

Have you been looking for a highly reliable Hayter electric mower that can help you to achieve the manicured look you’ve been aiming for within your garden, the Hayter Spirit 41 16″ Push Electric Roller Mower is your best bet. Find it here.

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We hope our Hayter mowers reviews helped to guide you to make a decision towards which model will be the best for you and your gardening needs. If there are any burning questions that you have that weren’t answered above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can use our expert knowledge to help guide you towards a well-informed decision.

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