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Honda Izy Review – Our Favourites From The Honda Izy Range

Did you know that the Honda Izy lawnmower range is widely recognised for its the high standard of quality for each mower in the range? This makes the Honda Izy a favourite for many of us here at SIMS Garden Machinery, but each machine boasts their strengths and prowess in different areas.  

As the most recently updated models, they are naturally more powerful than their predecessors. While they are all fantastic options for almost every lawn manicuring need, they do have their particular niches that make each model better than others for certain tasks. Below, our Honda Izy review will help you to make the most informed purchase decision possible.

1. Honda Izy HRG 416 PK Lawn Mower

The Honda Izy HRG 416 PK Lawn Mower completely replaces its predecessor, the HRG415PD. This model features an even more powerful engine, the Honda GCV160, which is able to produce an incredible 160cc and 4.4hp of net power. 

One of the more significant revisions in comparison to the previous version of the 16-inch push power will be the fully redesigned Honda Izy blade and steel deck. Not only improving upon the cut and collect performance, but also reducing the noise produced by up to 30%, meaning you can use this machine without the worry of overly annoying your neighbours – something that was only achieved after extensive studies by Honda’s engineers.

The Honda Izy 416PK also features a brand new auto choke system, allowing the engine to operate with the optimal levels of efficiency in all kinds of weather conditions. 

If you have a compact lawn, or an area with multiple obstacles such as bushes and trees to cut around, the Honda IZY HRG 416 PK makes manicuring your garden a complete breeze. Find it here.

2. Honda IZY HRG416SK Lawn Mower

Improving upon the HRG 415 SD, the Honda HRG416SK has similar features to the Honda Izy HRG 416 PK, with the additional benefit of being the Honda Izy self-propelled model. The Honda IZY HRG 416 SK is also equipped with the Honda GCV160 engine and the re-designed blade from the model featured above for a complete improvement over the overall performance of the lawnmower. 

As a self-propelled model, the Honda IZY HRG416SK eliminates the need for strenuous, back-breaking, pushing that comes with a standard push mower model. This makes life easier for those with a bad back, or for those who simply don’t want to throw their back out by mowing the lawn. 

If you’re looking for a mower that can take the strain off of your muscles, find it here

3. Honda Izy HRG466PK Lawn Mower

Compared to the previous model, the HRG465PD, the Honda Izy HRG 466 PK is still a classic 18-inch push lawn mower, however, it now has the additional benefit of the Honda GCV160 engine – providing more power which will make the chore of mowing your lawn far quicker. 

The Honda Izy HRG466PK also features the auto choke system, allowing the lawnmower to work effectively in all kinds of weather. This model also comes alongside a large 55-litre grass bag, eliminating many of the stops and the need to empty along the way. 

If you have a garden the size of approximately half a tennis court, this Honda Izy 18-inch self-propelled model will make a fantastic addition to your gardening kit. Looking for a lawn mower that really packs a punch? Find the HRG 466 PK here.

4. Honda Izy HRG466SK Lawn Mower

Improving upon the HRG 465 SD, the Honda Izy HRG 466 SK is the self-propelled version of the HRG 466 PK. This model naturally features many similar features of the HRG 466 PK, except that it has the power drive feature. This means that you can get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible alongside the Honda GCV 160 engine. 

This also comes with a feature that will benefit homeowners with neighbours, as it is the model that can be up to 30% quieter. The recoil is also specially designed to be effortless, making the lawn mower far easier to start than before.

Looking for a neighbourhood friendly lawn mower that will halve the time you need to cut your grass? Find it here.

5. Honda Izy HRG536VK Lawn Mower

As the new and improved version of the HRG 536 SD, the Honda Izy HRG 536 VK also features the powerful Honda GVC160 engine, producing 160cc and 4.4hp of power. 

This model also features a variable power drive and selective mulching, alongside a grass collector with a greater capacity of 85 litres. 

The large Honda Izy 21-inch cutting deck and cutting width also make this mower a great fit for larger gardens, allowing you to cover more ground more effectively. You can even mow under any weather conditions, as it also features the new auto choke system making the engine operate at maximum efficiency. 

Interested in this model? Find it here.

6. Honda Izy HRG536VL Lawn Mower

Designed to replace the HRG 536 SD, the Honda Izy Hrg 536 VL features all of the same brilliant features of the HRG 536 VK that make your lawn mowing tasks far easier than ever. In contrast, however, this model features an electric key start smart drive for an easier start and go manoeuvre.

Other features include the Honda GCV 160 engine, a variable power drive, and selective mulching. This model even has the 85-litre grass bag, meaning that you have no need to empty the bag as often as your previous model of lawn mower.

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We hope that our Honda Izy review helped give you the relevant information on each of our favourite models to make an informed decision, but do you think we left anything crucial out? If you’d like a specific question answered that wasn’t addressed in our Honda Izy review above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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