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The Best Petrol Lawn Mowers in the UK

As the UK’s best suppliers of high-quality garden equipment, Sims Garden Machinery is here to make your life easier when it comes to cutting your grass as efficiently as possible. We have got your back with a one year warranty on all of our products as standard, and free, fast, nationwide delivery on all orders over £200. We can bring you the best petrol lawn mowers to get your garden looking better than ever, with professional looking stripes from our lawn mowers for small gardens, and suitable for medium to large lawns. 

We can bring a wide range of petrol lawn mowers suitable for any size, shape, or quality or lawn. From walk-behind mowers and cordless lawn mowers, to electric lawn mowers, our mowers can provide professional-looking stripes; as well as rough-cut lawns from four-wheel mulching machines. 

This handy guide should be able to help you find which petrol lawn mower is the best fit for you and your needs. However, if you find that you’re still undecided after reading our best picks, have a look through the rest of our shop, or feel free to get in touch with our team and we can help find the perfect solution for you with the best deals on petrol lawn mowers. Contact us here.


Here at Sims Garden Machinery, we have various partnerships with multiple highly trusted brands and manufacturers such as STIHL, Honda, and Husqvarna. With Honda, you just know you’re getting quality, reliability and power; which is why we’re proud to offer this Honda model. This model comes with a 190cc engine, and features self-propelling hydrostatic variable speeds. This means that, in contrast to having gears like a car, you have the power and control in deciding how fast you go.

What are the Advantages and Perks of the HONDA HRH 536 HX 21” PROFESSIONAL HYDROSTATIC?

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Wide Cutting: This model features the ability to cut up to 53 centimetres in diameter at once. As one of the best-rated petrol lawn mowers that we offer, this model makes for an efficient and professional looking trim and is the best petrol lawn mower for stripes. Honda is the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens in the UK. 

Aluminium Decking: Honda is held in high regard for its engineering prowess, and ultra-high durability models. The aluminium decking of this model is no different. The strong aluminium deck on this mower is not only extremely durable when it comes to any damage you may incur on your mowing route, but is also impervious to rust and corrosion. This Honda model is a tough and reliable all-rounder when it comes to performance, providing the best petrol lawn mower to buy on any budget. 

Ultra-Strong Wheels: The super-strong metal also features on the wheels, along with strong tyres that can bring you an adaptable lawn mower that works perfectly for any terrain. Without any compromise on performance, this model makes for the best petrol lawn mower for rough ground. 

If you’re looking for a mower that provides the most efficient, and professional, grass cutting with the least amount of effort on your part; this model will work great for you. If this seems like the best petrol lawn mower for you, shop it here.


The STIGA TWINCLIP 55 S-R H BBC 21” ROLLER MOWER allows you the greatest ease of use with various options making gardening a dream. Multiple cutting options, a heavy-duty transmission, and a conveyor the perfect shape to maximise airflow; this model is the best heavy-duty petrol lawn mower with a roller, for those who frequent the garden and want it picture ready for any time of year. 

What Features Does the STIGA TWINCLIP 55 S-R H BBC 21” ROLLER MOWER Include?

Multiple Cutting Options: With the cutting height being changeable via a single lever on the chassis, manicuring your garden has never been so easy. With a choice of eight positions, allowing cutting from 13mm to 65mm, you will have a breeze of a time producing your desired lawn finish in any conditions. If you have longer grass, you have the option to remove the collection bin which will allow a rear discharge, or you can simply insert the mulching plug which will allow you to return nutrients to the ground.

Heavy Duty Transmission: This is the best petrol lawn mower with a rear roller. This rotary lawn mower is also powered by a 163cc Honda GXV160 OHV engine with Blade Brake Clutch, which provides plenty of power to deal with any tough conditions you may encounter; whilst allowing you to empty the grass bag without stopping the engine. It also features a heavy duty aluminium cone clutch transmission – further enhancing its ability to handle tougher conditions. 

Double Layered Blade: The STIGA TWINCLIP 55 S-R H BBC 21” ROLLER MOWER also boasts brand new cutting technology with the double-layered blade – featuring four cutting faces. The leading edge of the blade makes the first cut, then the second blade cuts an additional 19mm. This further allows the grass to be cut, and recut, through the blades as they are blown into the massive 80-litre collection tank. This extra cutting power allows a 20% increase in cutting performance, meaning you can keep yourself in the flow when lawn mowing without having to frequently empty the tank. 


Featuring a high-end, commercial-grade, Kawasaki petrol engine, this high-end lawn mower packs a punch for such a small package – with a compact 68.6-centimetre height. 

What are the Benefits of the TORO 22205TE TURFMASTER 30” PROFESSIONAL?

Large Fuel Tank: There’s nothing worse when you’re mowing the lawn and the power cuts out – forcing you to refill the fuel mid mow. This is the best large petrol lawn mower model, which features a 3.8-litre fuel tank solidly, and conveniently, placed on the top of the mower, so you can get into the flow of cutting the grass; without having to refill as frequently as your previous model. 

Sturdy Parts and Rugged Design: Featuring some exceptionally sturdy parts, and fashioned with a rugged design, this model of mower makes for a choice for the best heavy duty petrol lawn mower. This model is a great choice when you choose to update your old model of petrol lawn mower. 

Adjustable Cutting Heights: An uncommon feature for most highstreet lawn mowers, the TORO 22205TE TURFMASTER 30” PROFESSIONAL features adjustable grass cutting heights, so you can change the height of your blade to make the grass in your garden cut just how you like it. 

The TORO 22205TE TURFMASTER 30” PROFESSIONAL is a great model if you want the best of both worlds. Whether you’re not certain about buying, or simply don’t want, a larger ride-on mower or you simply just prefer a more compact package that still packs a punch; this model is a great midpoint for the best features of both. Power, functionality, and speed make the TORO 22205TE TURFMASTER 30” PROFESSIONAL one of the best deals on petrol lawn mowers.


Recently awarded the prestigious Which? Best Buy Award, this model has confirmed its status as a great performer. The Mountfield SP425R features a self-propelled rear roller rotary mower, which makes this an ideal choice for perfectly manicured lawns featuring classic lawn stripes. 


lawn mower

Honda GVC160 4-Stroke Engine: As the best petrol cylinder lawn mower, this model is powered by an easy start 160cc Honda GVC160 4-stroke engine, and a forward drive coming from the powered rear roller;  making for an effortless use when cutting your lawns. It also features the ability to cut right up to border edges and garden paths, making for a seamless and professional-looking garden area.

Wide Cutting: A 41cm/16″ cutting width makes this mower suitable for lawns up to 20m x 20m. This model is great for a professional-looking garden trim and is great for professional-looking stripes, making this the best petrol lawn mower for medium-sized gardens.

Five Heights of Cut: This model features five heights of cut, which ranges from 20mm to 70mm, with each height selected using a single lever on the chassis. This ensures you can pick the most suitable height for your desired garden finish. You also have the option to attach your 55-litre collector, which has an indicator to show when it needs emptying, so you don’t need to stop unexpectedly to empty the grass.

If this seems like a great option for you, buy it here.


As the best petrol push lawn mower, this model is affordable, yet still very high-quality. This expertly UK designed petrol rotary mower by Cobra is compact, lightweight, and still packs a punch to any smaller domestic lawn.

Features of the COBRA M40C 16″ PUSH MOWER

British Weather Cutting: The COBRA M40C 16″ PUSH MOWER has a wide range of options for cutting heights. As the best petrol lawn mower for a small garden, it features ten stages of cutting available, adjustable from 25mm to 75mm, you can tackle any height of grass in any condition; and have your garden looking just how you want it by using just one lever on the chassis.

High Powered Engine: This model is powered by the Cobra DG350 engine, a 98.5cc air-cooled four-stroke unit that incorporates the latest OHV technology for improved fuel economy and a reduction in noise, vibration and emissions. It is also equipped with a large, 0.8-litre-capacity fuel-tank for long run-times between breaks for topping-up.

Great Durability and Performance: This model is built around a stylish steel chassis that boasts rugged durability and a large-capacity 50-litre grass bag that’s made from fabric for the optimal air-flow. This, in turn, ensures superior grass collection and performance. You can also save space during transportation, and when storing in your shed or garage, as the M40C is fitted with a convenient fold-down handlebar; making this model the best lightweight petrol lawn mower.

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