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What are The Best Leaf Blowers of 2021?

Leaf blowers can help with garden maintenance throughout the year, with many having additional features including vacuums and battery-powered, cordless designs for flexible use. For 2021 there are a lot of powerful petrol and gas-powered options, along with very lightweight handheld options, that are perfect for a range of budgets.

The best leaf blowers can help clear damp leaves and dry leaves with ease, from both grass and concrete, using engines that provide a powerful air speed within a small unit. Leaf blowers are one of the most convenient power tools for effective garden maintenance, with high-quality motors that save a considerable amount of manual labour.

We have a partnership with STIHL, a leading German forestry equipment manufacturer, and provide their products in our official dealer shop. A great example of this particular brand of leaf blower is the STIHL BGA 56 cordless blower, see below for a video that demonstrates how useful leaf blowers can be:

Selecting a leaf blower can be a difficult task, but our position as leaders in the garden machinery trade means we are well-placed to suggest excellent leaf blowers that suit a variety of budgets. The products we list below are available from our online shop and come with extensive aftercare. Feel free to contact us for more information.

The Best Leaf Blowers for a Range of Budgets

Leaf blowers come in many forms with quite significant differences in cost, depending on the level of power and functionality you require. They come with different sizes of engine but have two main power options, notably electric and petrol.

In most cases, gas-powered models have 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines, which tends to give them some extra juice. Battery-powered leaf blowers are not as powerful but cause less air and noise pollution. Some models can suck up small twigs and also shred the leaves as they are sucked upward into the unit.

Our selection of the best leaf blowers for 2021 includes the following models:

The Best Leaf Blower on a budget – Mitox 280BVX Leaf Blower/Vacume

The MITOX 280BVX is a combination of a leaf blower and leaf vacuum that comes in at under £200, so it is very appealing for people on a budget or with those smaller gardens. The handy thing about this model is that it comes with a removable vacuum kit, so it can collect leaves as and when you need.

Additional features of the MITOX 280BVX include the following:

  • Lightweight design: If you are looking for a leaf blower that is easily transportable but also packs a powerful punch, with a 0.80-kilowatt engine, then this is a safe bet. It also has a good fuel tank capacity of 400 millilitres.
  • Multi-functionality: It blows leaves very well, and vacuums them up, but this model also has a built-in shredding function – which can reduce the volume of leaves by a ratio of 12:1. It is also easy to switch between functions.
  • Easy-handling: The gyro forces of a leaf blower engine can make it difficult to handle, but this model has an innovative blower tube design with little kinks in it that offsets these movements and allows for effortless handling.

This model also comes with a 5-year domestic warranty. If you are looking to buy a leaf blower for the first time, or just need a particularly mobile option, then the MITOX 280BVX is a fantastic blower. It has many features and delivers a solid performance without the heavy price tag. 

The Best Mid-Class Leaf Blower – Echo PB-2520 Handheld petrol Blower

If you are looking for a mid-level option then the Japanese-made ECHO PB-2520 is one of the best on the market. Japanese engines are famous for their capabilities and this model will provide a reliable performance using its gas-powered design. It also has an air filtration system to improve air quality for the user.

Other powerful features of the ECHO PB-2520 include the following:

  • Easy controls: The 2-stroke 25.4cc engine has a lot of power, but the intuitive controls allow you to harness it exactly how you want. The controls are in one place and feature a ‘Cruise Control’ option for smooth operation.
  • See-through fuel tank: The powerful petrol engine will require refilling from time to time, and this model features a translucent fuel tank so you can see when you are running low and prevent any unplanned stoppages.
  • Front-facing exhaust: Air quality is more of an issue for petrol-powered blowers, but this design has exhausts that face frontwards – away from the user. This makes for much more comfortable use, even over long periods.

It costs £229 and if you are looking for power and reliability then the ECHO PB-2520 is a great option and will suit mid-level budgets nicely. It is good enough for both professional and commercial use. This leaf blower comes with a 5-year warranty for domestic use and a 2-year warranty for professional use.


A Honda HHB 25 petrol hand-held leaf blower with a 7-year warranty

If you are looking for reliability over a long time, even with extensive use then the HONDA HHB25 is an excellent choice – at the higher end of the price spectrum, costing £299. It has a powerful 4-stroke engine, so there is no need to mix oil and fuel – simply pour unleaded petrol into the fuel tank and you are ready to go.

Further features of the HONDA HHB25 include the  following:

  • Powerful airflow: As a HONDA, you would expect this model to have a lot of power. It provides enough air speed for professional and domestic use on lawns or concrete – with a top air speed of 600 cubic meters per hour.
  • Lightweight: With a dry weight of just 4.5 kilograms this blower is usable for long periods without causing fatigue, which results in hassle-free operation. Wet leaves may increase the weight of the blower while in use.
  • Quiet and clean: Loud engines can be noisy, which is not only bothersome but can cause hearing damage to the user. However, this hard-working engine is very quiet considering its power can rival much larger engines.

As a top of the line model, the HONDA HHB25 is suitable for professional use but will be equally useful in larger gardens or areas where damp leaves are a regular issue. The warranty on this model is extremely generous with 5 years for domestic use and 1-year for professional use. The warranty is expandable and will include annual servicing.


A leaf blower is a fantastic device for maintaining your grounds and gardens with a great deal of efficiency, and it eliminates a lot of exhausting manual labour. The best leaf blower is the one that suits your unique requirements and budget.

There you have a rundown of the best options for leaf blowers in 2021, whatever your price range, and there is something to suit almost every need. All items are available to buy online in our shop, feel free to contact us for more details.

FAQs and useful information

The following are some common questions and further details on the best leaf blowers and the services we provide:

What is the best leaf blower on the market?

leaf blower

The best leaf blower will depend on your needs, and there is therefore no specific ‘best’ available. However, one exceptional top of the line leaf blower is the STIHL BR 600 BACKPACK BLOWER. This model has the cutting-edge STIHL 4-MIX® engine, an anti-vibration system, a multi-function control handle, a comfortable ergonomic harness with an additional hip belt. The price is £559. Other excellent brands of leaf blower include HITACHI, MAKITA, MITOX, ECHO, WORX, GREENWORKS, SUN JOE and BLACK & DECKER.

What kind of leaf blower should I buy?

You have two basic choices, battery-powered or gas-powered. Having to use fuel can add extra costs to your lawn maintenance, so petrol models are not necessarily a wise choice if you are not using your leaf blower regularly. Petrol models are generally more powerful and have larger engines, they are also easier to refill and continue using when they run out of fuel – unlike electric models that can require a long charging time or use of an additional battery. You should assess the functions you want from your leaf blower before deciding.

Feel free to browse our online shop or contact us today for more information.

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