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The Best Ride-On Mower in the UK

What is the Best Make of Ride-On Lawn Mower

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of the best make of mowers and top quality garden equipment, Sims Garden Machinery is here to make your garden chores more efficient, with our reliable garden equipment. Looking for the best ride-on mower? We’ve got you covered with a one year warranty and free, fast, nationwide delivery, and the best deals on ride-on lawn mowers . You can get the best ride-on lawn mower for a large garden to get your garden looking gorgeous with professional-looking stripes, even working efficiently on wet grass with various cutting heights to suit your style; with our help in finding out which ride-on lawn mowers are the best fit for you.

With a combination of comfort and efficiency, our ride-on lawn mowers allow superior results on every use. Our ride-on mowers are a perfect solution to any need. They can handle any grassy terrain, providing the best results for uneven ground, slopes, difficult to access areas, or even rough terrain. Long grass is no match for our ride-on mowers. Need a mini mower that can fit through the garden gate? A garden tractor with a tight turning circle that can navigate around trees, bushes, and other precious foliage? Or a lawn tractor that can tackle large gardens and commercial large areas with ease? For any situation, we have the perfect solution for your needs. 

The following are some of the best choices of garden mower for any type of lawn. We have the best ride-on lawn mower for slopes, the best ride-on mower for stripes, and even the best ride-on mower for uneven ground. Whether you need lawn mowers with built-in grass collection, a bigger fuel tank for large areas to cut any type of terrain, adjustable cutting widths or side discharge, we have you covered. Whatever your individual requirements are, we’ll aim to get you the top solution for any problem. 

This handy guide can help you find which ride-on mower is the best fit for you. However, If you’re still undecided after reading our mower reviews, have a look through the rest of our shop, or feel free to get in touch with our team and we can help find the perfect solution for you with the best deals on riding lawn mowers. Contact us here.


For the best price on riding mowers, you may wish to consider the STIGA PARK PRO 340IX. As a more cost-effective option with high functionality, the STIGA PARK PRO 340IX is a versatile four-wheel-drive mower, featuring a 570cc engine, making this model a great option for multiple types of garden work. 

What are the Advantages of the STIGA PARK PRO 340IX? 

Power-Assisted Steering: Featuring articulated steering, this model is great for any garden needs in difficult to access areas, such as the edges of flower beds, or around tight corners. The driver can easily manoeuvre the mower around any obstacles, all whilst maintaining a high quality of grass cutting.

Suitable for all Conditions: Ideal for winter mowing and the typically wet climate of the UK, the STIGA PARK PRO 340IX is a great option for those wishing to mow the lawn in the winter, or in wet conditions. So whether you’re looking to cut the grass in the heat of the summer, or cutting the grass after a rainstorm, this is the best ride-on mower for cutting wet grass in the UK. 

Adjustable Cutting Height: With this model, you can move the blade to cut grass from 25 to 90 millimetres, with 10 positions to choose from, making this a great model for those who like to style their gardens with precision, or for those who are cutting longer grass and lawns with more density. 

The STIGA PARK PRO 340IX also features a great warranty, allowing up to five years of use domestically, or one year of use commercially – making this model the best commercial ride-on mower. As a sturdy and reliable model, this is easily the best ride-on mower for wet grass, and other everyday tasks – featuring the best price on riding lawn mowers. 


The best mini ride-on mower for any kind of rugged terrain, this incredibly powerful and versatile compact tractor can switch from two to four-wheel drive, making it the best ride-on mower for a football pitch and slopes. It is also the best ride-on mower for rough ground. This mini mower also features a huge fuel capacity and unrivalled power thanks to its three-cylinder diesel engine making it the best ride-on mower for large areas. This powerful beast, all in a small package, features a design that makes it easy to store in a large shed, or small garage. 

What are the Benefits of the ISEKI TXG237?

Accessories: Ideal for a wide range of tasks on its own, this ride-on mower can be equipped with multiple different attachments to make your life easy when you cut the grass. A front loader, grass collector, mower, snow blower, or even a sweeper – when your mower is compatible with such a wide range of extra equipment, why would you choose anything else for your garden work?

Lighting and Controls: Featuring an operating area that boasts both comfort and practicality, you can make gardening easily enjoyable with more accessible foot pedals, as well as multiple gauges and monitoring lamps. You also have the option of using bright headlamps for use in the dark, so if you have a garden without extra lighting – this is a great option for you.

Fast Tractor Speed: With a powerful three-cylinder diesel engine, this mower can reach a top speed of 15.6 kilometres per hour, to make accessing areas that need mowing, like commercial districts or football pitches, easier than ever making this the best diesel-ride on mower. This model also features large wing mirrors, ensuring the most safe and easy road driving experience. 

With the potential of being the best ride-on mower in the UK, this mower boasts a huge range of features to suit any of your specific needs. Where value for money is concerned, according to our professional opinion and our excellent reviews, this mower is definitely worth the investment. So, for the best price, and the best deals on ride on mowers, this is the option for you. 


This compact lawn mower makes this the perfect ride-on mower for smaller areas such as a domestic garden in sizes up to 1 acre.. The MOUNTFIELD 827M features a 224cc electric key start engine, and is also covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

What are the Benefits of the MOUNTFIELD 827M LAWN RIDER?

ride on mower

Grass Collector Bin: Using an efficient 66cm working width cutter deck, which features a safety brake, this also has a manual blade engagement with up to six height options of grass cutting, with heights ranging from 30mm to 80mm, making this the best ride-on mower for long grass. Clippings are automatically discharged cleanly and efficiently into the rear-mounted, 150-litre capacity, grass collector; which can be emptied from the driving seat – making life easier for you. 

Optional Mulch Plug: The grass collector can also be equipped with an optional mulching kit, equipping you with the ability to mulch your grass when conditions are suitable, and eliminating the need for grass collection. As the best ride-on mulching mower in the UK, you can simply recycle the clippings collected, and use the mulch to return valuable nutrients to the soil, making your garden look as healthy as possible. 

Ease of Use: Featuring the Mountfield Series 5750 electric key start engine, this compact mower comes with a manual gearbox supporting four forward and reverse gears and a soft start clutch. To make life easy for you, simply select the gear you want, and start driving. To make your life even easier, allowing for even greater ease of use, this also has the option of installing the Mountfield 827H hydrostatic transmission – making this model as easy to drive as an automatic car. 

As one of our most affordable options, this mower is the best mulching ride-on mower, featuring great options for ease of use, powerful rotary mowers and cutting deck, we often have the best deals and the best price for this model. So if you’re looking for a model suitable for frequent domestic use, this model has the best price for riding mowers domestically. 

If this seems like the best ride-on mower for you, buy it here.

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