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The 7 Best All-Round Hedge Trimmers to Transform Your Garden this Summer

The lawn care and gardening season is now well underway and SIMS have been hand-selecting some of the best hedge trimmers to help transform your garden for the summer months.
Investing in a quality hedge trimmer is essential if you’re looking to give your lawn, garden or park the summer makeover it deserves. Our hedge trimmers have been hand-selected by our experienced staff based on power, blade system and overall performance levels.
We have hand-selected our top 7 lawn mowers for spring 2019. Taking into account power, mobility, speed, motor functionality and grass box limit.
Take a look below at what made our list:

1. Mountfield MH48LI

Biggest Advantage: Lightweight and manouverable
Power: 48V 
Powered by: Battery
Weight: Light
Run Time: 70 minutes (approximately)
The Mountfield MH48LI is one of the best all-round hedge trimmers if you’re on a budget. It comes with 61cm dual action laser-cut blades, which will make light work of foliage up to 20mm in diameter. The laser-cut blades have been specifically designed to cut through tougher shrubbery while offering a fine finish. The MH48LI also comes equipped with a rotatable battery pack to allow for a more comfortable grip. The movable battery also means you can achieve the optimum cutting angle, making easy work of awkward and hard-to-reach areas.
Another benefit that comes with the MH48LI is the facts it’s quiet to run in comparison to petrol-powered models. Also, it’s around half the weight. The MH48LI is also capable of tackling much larger lawns and gardens thanks to its impressive 70 minute run time.
Best reason to buy? – Quiet and lightweight makes this hedge trimmer perfect for the novice and professional gardeners.

2. Mountfield MM48LI

Biggest Advantage: Lightweight and extendable
Power: 48V 
Powered by: 4Ah battery
Weight: Light (equipped with harness)
Run Time: 50 minutes (approximately)
Designed specifically for gardens with hard-to-reach shrubbery, the MM48LI is the solution to trimming awkward garden areas. It’s electric battery makes it a greater starter and eliminates the hassle that sometimes comes with petrol-powered hedge trimmers. The MM48LI comes equipped with a 20cm chainsaw pruning head and a 50cm reciprocating hedge trimming head. This allows for a cut growth of 20mm in diameter. Additionally, the extendable shaft makes reaching high shrubbery easy, eliminating the need for ladders. The extendable pole reaches a height of 2.95m.
A 4 amp-hour battery replicates the power output of a petrol-powered hedge trimmer without the need for cords.
Best reason to buy? – With an extendable reach pole for tackling high-up foliage, the MM48LI is great for awkward lawn and garden tasks.

3. STIHL HSE 71 24″

Biggest Advantage: Makes easy work of thicker branches
Power: 600W 
Powered by: Corded electric
Weight: 4.1kg
Run Time: N/A
One of the highest-performance hedge trimmers we currently stock. The HSE 71 produces a strong amount of torque thanks to its 2-stage reduction gear with low stroke rate. This means it’s able to cut through tough, thick branches with ease. Like the MH48LI, this STIHL comes with a rotary handle (5-position) which offers a manouverable and comfortable cutting position. Added safety comes in the form of a transparent hand guard, which you’ll need as it operates using laser-cut diamond ground blades. This model comes in a 60cm or 70cm cutting length.
Best reason to buy? – Cutting through thick branches is made easy with the HSE 71 24″.

4. STIHL KM 94 RE-C Power Unit

Biggest Advantage: Several useful attachments and ErgoStart function
Power: 0.9kw | 1.2bhp
Powered by: Corded electric
Weight: 4kg
Run Time: N/A
This is a package deal from STIHL and is currently priced at just £590. The kit comes with the KM94R-CE power unit as well as the 135 degree hedge trimmer attachment. The major benefit that comes with this STIHL model is the accessories that come with it. It’s packed full of features that minimise the need to keep chopping and changing your machinery during your lawn care tasks. This is a hedge trimmer designed for avid gardeners and professionals alike. The KombiEngine is a true work of art and will have no problem powering all the KombiTools in the STIHL range.
This model also incorporates the useful ErgoStart button, allowing a smooth and quiet ignition. Coupling this is their economical 2-MIX engine and their ECOSPEED adjustment which allows you to easily control the engine speed.
Additional tools include:

  • Loop handle
  • Reduced-emission engine technology
  • Manual fuel pump
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Quick-release coupling
  • Split shaft

Best reason to buy? – The amount of extensions the KM94R comes with makes it seriously good value for money.

5. Honda HHH 25S 75E

Biggest Advantage: Powerful engine
Power: 4-stroke OHC
Powered by: Petrol
Weight: 5.8kg
Run Time: 60 minutes (approximately)
The HHH 25S is one of the most powerful hedge trimmers we provide. Capable of shaping or trimming heavy foliage with little resistance thanks to its anti-vibration system. It also comes with an easy control unit, starting engine, both of which are packed into a lightweight design. The HHH also packs a heavy punch in the shape of a mini four stroke engine, allowing seamlessly trimming and pruning with minimal effort. Additionally, this type of engine lowers fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.
Its smoother starting technology helps minimise vibration recoil without affecting the maximum power output.
The HHH is better suited to tackling larger garden and park projects with its 4-stroke engine. So, if you have a smaller garden or are simply looking for an all-round hedge trimmer, you’d be better off with something like the STIHL HSE 71.
Best reason to buy? – This is a heavy duty hedge trimmer and will make larger garden and park projects far easier thanks to its 4-stroke engine and comfortable, lightweight design.

6. Cobra HT62

Biggest Advantage: Double-sided, dual reciprocating blades
Power: 4-stroke
Powered by: Petrol
Weight: 4.6kg
Handle Type: Twist grip
A good, all-round hedge trimmer for an affordable price. The 62cm-long blade is double-sided, making it easy to switch direction at an instant, allowing for easy and precise trimming. The twist grip further aids flexible cutting and improves comfort.
Cobra has used their 26cc easy-starting engine that not only reduces recoil but offers a powerful output. If that wasn’t enough, this engine reduces fuel consumption without sacrificing power levels.
Best reason to buy? – The HT62 is an all-round reliable and powerful hedge trimmer, perfect for medium-sized gardens.

7. Husqvarna 32HD60X

Biggest Advantage: Double-sided, dual reciprocating blades
Power: 0.7kw
Powered by: Petrol
Weight: 5.6kg
Fuel Tank Volume: 0.5 litre
The 32HD60X combines a strong, ergonomic design with exceptional cutting performance. Equipped with Husqvarana’s renowned E-TECH engine and LowVib system, this hedge trimmer allows for a swift and effortless cut. It also comes with several handy accessibility features, including:

  • An auto-return stop switch
  • Adjustable reaer handle
  • Long-life gear components
  • Comfort handle
  • Smart start engine

Best reason to buy? – Husqvarna are pioneers of the hedge trimming world, and their E-TECH engine is worth the price alone.

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