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The 7 Best Electric Lawn Mowers for Your Spring Renovation | 2018/2019

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start considering which electric lawn mower is going to make fast and easy work of your garden.
Investing in a quality lawn mower is a necessity if you’re looking to keep you garden in tip-top condition throughout the seasons. Electric lawn mowers have a few advantages of petrol and vice versa. With electric lawn mowers, you don’t have to worry about running over wires or chords. Electric mowers also come with the added benefit of being rechargeable, saving you money on petrol and/diesel. Additionally, they allow more reach and generally more freedom when mowing larger areas.
We have hand-selected our top 7 lawn mowers for spring 2019. Taking into account power, mobility, speed, motor functionality and grass box limit.
Take a look below at what made our list:

1. Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Cordless 36

Biggest Advantage: Cordless
Power: 36V
Powered by: Battery
Grass Box: 50L
Lawn Size: Medium-sized lawn or larger lawn
The biggest advantage with the Rotak 43 is its exceptional battery life. It lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, making light work of medium-sized gardens. Its high drive motor system also allows for a reliable cut, making easy work of trickier, weathered parts of your garden. It’s also lightweight, making is easily manoeuvrable around the garden. For these reasons, the Rotak 43 makes our list.
Best reason to buy? – Its 50L box is great for larger grass collections and with a 36V battery, you won’t struggle to mow the lawn in good time.

2. Mountfield Princess 38 Electric 4 Wheel Roller Lawnmower

Biggest Advantage: Rear roller for striped effect
Power: 1600W
Powered by: Cord (15m length)
Grass Box: 40L
Lawn Size: Large lawn
This is one of the more affordable mowers that still falls into the premium category. Equipped with fully folding handles, large diameter rear wheels and rear wheels, the Princess 38 is a strong all-rounder. The underside of the cutting deck comes equipped with an anti-scalp comb, designed specifically for improving the cut finish and also helps with grass and mulch collection. One of the standout features from this electric mower is the reader roller wheels. If you’re looking for the classic striped effect when mowing your lawn, the princess offers this. The rear roller also allows for close cuts, ideal for boundaries and the edges of lawns.
Best reason to buy? – With a 2-year warranty and sitting at our very affordable price of £149.00 (20% off), the Princess 38 is an absolute bargain.

3. Hayter Spirit 41 16″ Electric Push Lawnmower (615)

Biggest Advantage: Durability and reduced noise emissions
Power: 1500W induction motor
Powered by: Cord (15m length)
Grass Box: 55L
Lawn Size: Medium-sized lawn, small lawn
Designed to make light work of smaller lawns, the Spirit 41 provides an elegant, crisp finish. It’s main benefit is its lightweight design and decent power output. The Spirit 41 is the perfect mower for those with a slightly smaller (possibly) suburban garden. It provides a pristine finish with minimal effort; weighing a mere 13kg.
Being a corded mower, you don’t have to worry about running out of petrol like other mowers. Its 17 meter power cable is also handy for instant performance and manoeuvrability. The Spirit 41’s ATB motor also allows for a smooth cut and reduced noise emissions. Performance levels also benefit from the Spirit 41’s aluminium chassis and robust ABS cutting deck, making it capable of withstanding constant use and damage.
Like the Princess 38, the Spirit 41 also comes with a rear roller to create a pristine striped finish.
Best reason to buy? – Its parent company is Hayter, a renowned and long-standing mower company with a fantastic reputation. This is a reliable and powerful mower that will serve for years to come.

4. Allett Classic 12E 12″ Push Cylinder Mower

Biggest Advantage: Five position dial-a-height
Power: 340W electric motor
Powered by: Cord
Grass Box: 55L
Lawn Size: Small lawn
Renowned for maintaining the iconic striped finish commonly found in sport fields and public parks, Allett’s Classic 12E is another classic in their already exceptional line. With over 50 years experience in designing lawn mowers, you know that when you buy from Allett, you’re buying into 50 years of trusted engineering.
The Classic 12E’s biggest advantage is its small, compact design, perfect for cutting round hard corners, borders and ornaments. This is a mower designed for smaller, intricate lawns. However, this is not to say that it won’t be capable of tackling larger lawns and gardens. It’s 22.5 meter cable length makes it more than capable of manouvering through bigger areas.
The blading system on the Classic 12E differs to standard electric mowers. It uses a five-blade “Quick cartridge” cylinder that cuts grass in a scissor like action. The advantage of this cut type is that it allows healthier lawn regrowth. Coupled with this blade style is its 230V electric motor, capable of delivering a strong 420W of power, making light work of thatch and detritus during spring and autumn.
Best reason to buy? – The Classic 12E is small, lightweight and compact, great for easy storage. It also comes equipped with two height positions which fold away.

5. Honda HRE 370 15″ Electric Lawn Mower

Biggest Advantage: Lightweight all-rounder
Power: 1300W electric motor
Powered by: Cord
Grass Box: 35L
Lawn Size: Small to medium lawn
The HRE 370 is unashamedly simple in design and output. Its lightweight design lends itself to those looking for a swift, easy cut, ideal for smaller gardens or lawns. Its 1300W electric motor also helps keen noise pollution to an all-time low. This model also comes with a very handy magnetic blade brake clutch system, allowing for easy handling and the option to engage and disengage blades at an instant.
The handle fitted onto the top cover is also fantastic for easy operation, making light work of mounds and uneven terrain. This handle also folds away for easy storage.
Best reason to buy? – The HRE 370 also comes equipped with Honda’s Optiflow system, which promotes positive airflow to and through the blade; maximising your cutting and collecting.

6. Cobra MX46SPE 18″ Electric Self Propelled Mower

Biggest Advantage: Giant grass collector
Power: 1800W electric motor
Powered by: Cord
Grass Box: 60L
Lawn Size: Medium to large lawn
This is a mower capable of tackling any lawn. The MX26SPE is built for power, durability and comfort.
For an electric mower, it harbours the power and quality of petrol-based mowers, something which is hard to achieve with electric powered mowers. It’s also extremely versatile, including bagging, mulching, collection and rear/side-discharge capabilities. Thanks to these modes, the MX46SPE is capable of tackling any terrain, from dry grass to overgrown grass and everything in between.
Unlike the majority of electric mowers, the MX46SPE is built around a steel cutter-deck. This ensures longer-lasting use and improved endurance. By far the biggest benefit of this electric mower is its large grass collector, capable of holding up to 60 litres. The collection bag is also made from breathable fabric, offering positive airflow and reducing heat overflow from the battery.
Best reason to buy? – While it is slightly more expensive than other electric lawn mowers on our list, the benefits that come with the MX46SPE cannot be doubted.

7. Husqvarna Automower 10S

Biggest Advantage: Giant grass collector
Power: 1800W electric motor
Powered by: Cord
Grass Box: 60L
Lawn Size: Small lawns (but can mow bigger lawns if repeatedly charged)
Although this is classed as a robot mower, it makes our list due to its unique design and exceptional performance.
The Automower 10S is a compact 3-wheeled robot mower designed to seamlessly mow lawns without the need for human intervention. Generally speaking, robot mowers are better suited to smaller lawns and gardens, as they will take longer to mow larger areas. However, the Automower 10S is now slouch, capable of handling slopes and harsh inclines (25%), meaning you won’t have to worry about resetting it or finding it in your shrubbery bed. It’s also built for easy use and navigation and the typical battery life is approximately 65 minutes (fully charged) with a charging time of just 50 minutes.
One of the most astounding features of this electric robot mower is its guide wire feature. Once the mower has finished its job, it will use the patented guide wire to find its way back to its charging station. This helps reduce searching times, especially in larger gardens.
Best reason to buy? – Not having to mow the lawn yourself is a luxury for many people. The Automower 10S allows for remote mowing while you take care of other gardening duties.

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