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The 7 Best Mulching Mowers to Revitalise Your Garden

SIMS have been hard at work hand-selecting some of our favourite mulching lawn mowers to help keep you summer garden looking fresh and stunning.
Mulching mowers are fantastic at cutting grass into fine pieces and redistributing them to help fertilise your lawn and garden, and SIMS has over 14 unique mulching mowers on offer to help you with your summer garden renovation.
Take a look below at what made our list:


The Izy is one of Honda’s distinct line of four-wheeled rotary mowers. The HRG 466 offers the same exceptionally high levels of performance as the other mowers in the series, but the main advantage comes in the form of versatility, i.e., the mulching kit.
The HRG 466 comes with two cutting modes, the traditional cut and collection and the mulching feature. Its mulching function cuts and re-cuts grass grass to an extremely fine extent, allowing accurate redistribution. The grass is then embedded deep within the soil, acting as a natural fertiliser.
The mulching kit comes as a fitted standard and also allows you flexibility with regards to the height of cut. The setting allows you to choose between six different height settings, ranging from 20mm to 74mm, ensuring fine finishing for all grass types.

Main Benefits:

  • The 46cm steel cutting deck, primed to resist rust, UV abrasion and general wear and tear
  • A 55 litre grass bag designed with high airflow ventilation allows for large cut storage and performance
  • Mulching kit allows for grass redistribution and natural fertiliser
  • Easy starter thanks to the auto-choke system
  • Cut adjustment height allows for precision cutting
  • Easy storage thanks to the folding handlebar and lightweight mower design
  • The HRG 466 comes with a full three year warranty

Head over to our page on the HRG 466 for more information.

2. COBRA MX515SPBI 20″

The MX 515 comes with a variety of high-end features that makes it one of the most efficient and affordable mulching lawn mowers on the market.
The engineering quality on the MX 515 will appeal to gardeners who appreciate fine craftsmanship. This model uses a Briggs & Strattin 675IS-Series engine, coupled with a cutting-edge lithium-ion battery, allowing for a quick push-start. Briggs & Stratton’s overhead-valve technology also means that the engine does not suffer from overheating, allowing for smoother mowing and optimal efficiency. This also means that the MX 515 will have no trouble tackling a variety of garden terrains and grass-lengths. With four cutting-modes, five forward-speeds and an impressive seven-stage adjustable cutting height, this is one of the most versatile mulching mowers on the market.
While being a relatively large mower (51cm working-width) it comes equipped with an ergonomic height-adjustable soft-grip handler, allowing for easy storage. A combination of speedy mulching and easy storage marks the MX 515 as an impressive mulching mower.

Main Benefits:

  • Electric start system allows for quick starts
  • 60 litre grass collector
  • 4-in-1 cutting system allows for versatile cuts across multiple terrains
  • Five forward speeds
  • The MX 515 comes with a two year warranty

Head over to our page on the MX 515 for more information.

3. HONDA HRX537-VYE 21″

Another mulching mower from Honda makes the list.
The HRX range has a reputation for being simple, versatile and quiet, despite housing a powerful 187cc engine. Changing speed has also been made easy with the HRX 537 design thanks to Honda’s SMART Drive technology. You can also keep the engine running without the blades operating thanks to the RotoStop brake clutch. This means you don’t have the hassle of turning the engine on and off during transport over non-cut areas.
This model also includes the Versamow – a versatile mulching technology that allows you to incorporate the wheels to allow for mulching and collection simultaneously. If that wasn’t enough, the HRX 537’s cutter deck is made using polymers as opposed to traditional metal materials, meaning the threat of corrosion is practically eliminated.

Main Benefits:

  • The SMART Drive system is controlled at your finger tips, allowing for swift speed changing.
  • Cut adjustment height (7 different positions) allows you to set precise cutting heights tailored to you grass length.
  • Single-point height of cut adjustment with the choice of seven different positions (20mm-100mm), allowing you to set the cutting height of the mower to suit your lawn.
  • Large 53cm cutting width is great for keeping larger gardens in check.
  • Seven year warranty included (subject to servicing).

Head over to our page on the HRX 537 for more information.

4. COBRA MX46S40V 18″

The Cobra MX46 comes with three variable cutting modes: bagging, mulching and side-discharge, meaning you will be able to seamlessly manage dry grass, damp grass and other grass types. Accessibility is what makes the MX 46S such a great buy, with its folding handlebars and lever that allows you to interchange cut height. Its 60 litre grass collection is also a great addition, and makes light work of grass collection.
This mower is one of the most cost-effective and all-round solid performers. If you’re looking for a affordable mower that is able to cope with variable UK conditions, the MX 46S should be high on your list.

Main Benefits:

  • 60 litre grass cutter
  • Solid steel 46cm deck
  • Mulch plug is included
  • Great all-rounder for gardeners on a budget

Head over to our page on the MX 46S for more information.


The 53SV has been specifically designed for gardening and lawn care professionals. Its aluminium wheels come with ball bearings which allow for a smoother mowing experience and this is couple with a friction blade holster that guards the engine against solid objects while mowing. The offset handle also makes light work of trimming tough-to-reach areas, such as banks, walls and cutting around obstacles.
Mulching is also made very easy thanks to the blade and deck design that minimises noise pollution. It features the same benefits as the HRG466, in that it cuts and recuts grass and redistributes the pieces deep in the ground, offering natural fertilisation. Better yet, this means that you will be able to cut grass 30% faster thanks to the redistribution of grass clippings.

Main Benefits:

A professional mower for adept gardeners and lawn care experts

  • 20″ aluminium cutting deck
  • Power 190cc Honda engine
  • Multiclip mulching function
  • Front drive system (no need to push!)
  • A.V.S system reduces shock and vibration recoil

Head over to our page on the HRG 466 for more information.

6. VIKING MB 3 RT 19″

The Viking MB 3 is a surprisingly strong three wheel multi mower. Equipped with a 4-stroke Ready Start engine, this is mower is quick to start and easy to use. It’s also very versatile thanks to its swivelling front wheel, this makes light work of tricky areas and steep inclines. The MB 3 RT also uses torsion-resistant housing made from strong and durable sheet steel and uses anti-vibration elements to reduce noise output and vibration recoil.
This is a generally solid, durable and easy-to-use mulching mower. It’s reasonably priced and light to use, making it ideal for the casual gardener.

Main Benefits:

  • Adjustable swivel front wheel makes it easy to control
  • Mulching blade for fine grass cutting
  • Anti-vibration elements
  • Comes with five years domestic warranty

Head over to our page on the MB 3 RT for more information.

7. TORO 20955 22″

This is another mulching mower that lends itself towards the casual gardener.
Although it does fall under the ‘jack of all trades’ category, it still boasts some impressive features.
It comes with an AutoMatic Drive System, which allows you to work at your own speed. The need to push is also alleviated thanks to its self-propelled technology, allowing for faster cutting and increased versatility, even on slopes and rough terrain. It also comes with a grass clippings distributor, planting grass back into the earth.
A handy washout port also makes it easy to clean the bottom of the deck, helping to maintain optimum airflow for high performance.

Main Benefits:

  • Fantastic for new gardeners
  • 4-point height of cut adjustment
  • Great all-round mulching mower
  • Briggs & Stratton engine

Head over to our page on the 20955 for more information.

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