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What Oil is Best for Your Lawn Mower?

Regular oiling is a vital aspect of lawn mower maintenance and using an incorrect product could cause irreparable damage. The lawn mower oil needed will vary based on the type of engine used, and the temperature within your garden. In this guide from Sims Garden Machinery, we’ll explore the benefits of regular oiling, the different types of lawn mower engines, and the best oils for premium brands like Briggs and Stratton and Husqvarna mowers.

The Importance of Oiling Your Lawn Mower

All petrol and diesel lawnmowers will require oiling at regular intervals, with the moving parts of a combustion engine needing lubrication to correctly function. A lubricated engine will reduce the friction between metal parts, ensuring consistency and longevity. A properly oiled engine will also help to reduce heat, as the oil will carry heat towards the colder areas of the engine, aiding the cooling process. Corrosive acid can form within an engine after combustion, and the additives within engine oil can also help to limit this. 

When a lawnmower is used without sufficient oiling, there is a risk of catastrophic damage. While some modern mowers come with a failsafe to automatically disable use when they are in need of oiling, other models, particularly older ones, will not. When purchasing a lawn mower it will not be oiled, but will typically be supplied with a bottle of oil to start you off. You should look to replace the oil in a walk behind lawn mower after every 50 hours of run time, or once a season, depending on which occurs more often. For a riding mower, that number can be increased to 100 hours.

What Grade of Oil Do I Need for My Lawn Mower?

When it comes to choosing the right grade of oil for your lawn mower, the best place to start is with the owner’s manual, if you have one. This should offer clear instructions for which lawn mower oil to use within the engine. There are two central choices, motor oil and small engine oil, with different types available depending on temperature. 

Petrol powered lawn mowers will either have a four-stroke or a two-stroke engine. While two-stroke engines are smaller and easier to maintain, they are louder, less fuel-efficient, and less reliable compared to four-stroke engines. Modern lawn mowers will typically have four-stroke engines. Your lawnmower manual should let you know which type of engine you have. If you don’t have an owner’s manual you should be able to find the information online.

What Type of Oil Should I Use For a Four-Stroke Lawn Mower?

Motor oil is the popular choice for a four-stroke lawn mower engine, which can be added separately to the petrol. The same motor oil that is used as car oil can be used in a lawn mower, though you should ensure that it is of a suitable grade and will work at the current temperature. 

A 10W30 grade of oil will be a common choice in UK mowers, functioning well between the temperature range of -18℃ and 38℃, which will essentially cover the full spectrum of UK weather. Synthetic oils are available, which can offer better performance, alongside blends of regular and synthetic oil.

What Type of Oil Should I Use For a Two-Stroke Lawn Mower?

Within two-stroke engines, oil and petrol will be mixed together and added to the engine. Motor oil will be too heavy within a two-stroke engine, meaning you should opt for a small engine oil instead. For spring, summer, and autumn, an SAE 30 small engine oil should be suitable, though in winter you will want to use an SAE 10W-30, which performs better at cold temperatures but needs to be replaced more often. As before, your instruction manual should be able to tell you any specific oil requirements for your lawn mower, and the ratio that it will need to be mixed to.

The Best Oil For a Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower

Briggs and Stratton are a lawnmower and small engine manufacturer, supplying products across the globe. While their products can be used with compatible third party motor oils or small engine oils, they produce their own brand of oils intended for use with their lawn mower engines. They have options for both four-stroke and two-stroke engines.

The Best Engine Oil For a Husqvarna Lawn Mower

Husqvarna produces a range of ride-on petrol lawnmowers, intended for professional usage. These will typically feature a four-stroke engine, within which you can use a quality motor oil, or opt for Husqvarnas own four-stroke oil specifically designed for lawn mowers.

How Much Engine Oil is Needed for My lawn Mower?

The oil capacity for a lawn mower engine will range based on the size and build. In four-stroke engines, there will be a maximum oil line that will be marked on the dipstick cap, that the oil level should be filled to. With two-stroke engines, you’ll need to mix the correct ratio of small engine oil with the petrol before adding it. This ratio will vary from bout 30:1 to 50:1 petrol to oil, with the accurate number listed within your instruction guide.

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