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Husqvarna Mineral Chain Oil

£4.99£64.99 inc. VAT
Mineral Chain oil with adhesive agent for high-performance chain saws. A very low wear of chains and rails can be

Briggs & Stratton SAE30 4-Stroke Engine Oil

£5.62£35.64 inc. VAT
  • Available in 0,5L/0,6L/1,4L/5L
  • Compatible with all standard 4-stroke OHV engines
  • A high quality detergent oil classified SJ/CD by the API-Conveniently sized for today's engines

Grease Gun Lever-Action, Heavy Duty Steel 500cc

£19.99 inc. VAT
Grease gun suitable for use with grease cartridges Supplied with 265mm flexible hose & 165mm rigid hose Note! Please see

Large Heavy Duty Funnel with Filter

£16.99 inc. VAT
Hopper size 11″ x 7 1/2″ (285mm x 195mm) H 12″ (305mm) 65mm Filter

Galvanised Steel Funnel With Mesh Filter & 240mm Flexible Shaft

£12.99 inc. VAT
150mm Galvanised steel funnel with mesh filter & 240mm flexible shaft

Husqvarna 2-Stroke Oil HP

£2.29£10.00 inc. VAT

Genuine PMA Carburettor Cleaner 500ml Aerosol

£9.99 inc. VAT
Helps remove dirt and deposits from carburettors, air intake manifolds, injection systems and linkages Restores power, increase fuel economy and

Genuine GT85 Penetrating Oil Power Spray, 400ml

£9.99 inc. VAT
400ml. Great for lubricating, displacing water etc With PTFE.

Genuine Holts Bradex Easy Start Spray 300ml Aerosol

£8.99 inc. VAT
Starts All engines No damaging effects Suitable for all weather conditions 300ml

Fuel Can, 5 Litres C/W a Flexible Spout (Transparent)

£7.99 inc. VAT
Transparent fuel can with 5 Litre capacity C/W a flexible spout

Two Stroke Fuel Mixing Bottle

£5.99 inc. VAT
For two stroke fuel. Ideal for all 2 stroke engines Will mix 1 litre of petrol at 25:1, 32:1, 40:1

Plastic Flexible Fuel Funnel with Filter 2 in 1

£5.99 inc. VAT
Plastic Flexible Fuel Funnel with Filter