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The 4 Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers in the UK

Sims Garden Machinery is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of the most renowned makes of hedge trimmers, and many other types of professional standard garden equipment. We aim to supply top-quality equipment that can help you get the job done easier than ever, with many varieties of machine to get the best value out of any budget. Looking for the best professional petrol hedge trimmer? We’ve got you covered with a one year warranty and free, fast, nationwide delivery, along with the best deals on wired and cordless hedge trimmers.

The following are some of our favourite petrol hedge trimmers that we think are the best value for money in our wide inventory of hedge cutters and trimmers. Whether you’re looking for the best long reach petrol hedge trimmers, the best 4 stroke petrol hedge trimmers, the best budget petrol hedge trimmer, or the best lightweight petrol hedge trimmers available on the market; we’ve got you covered. Out of our wide variety of hedge trimmers, we’ll aim to get you the best value petrol hedge trimmer for the solutions for your needs. 

Feel free to browse through the rest of our shop. You can also get in touch with our team, and we can help find the perfect solution for you with the best deals on hedge trimmers and the rest of our products. Contact us here. 

1. STIHL HL 94 C-E Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer

This STIHL model is great for those who want a professional finish on shrubbery, and ground-level hedges. With a blade length of 60cm and a total length of 242cm, this model also features the ability to reach high hedges and even trees. Life when gardening is now made even easier with a reduced weight transmission, and a 2-MIX engine with ECOSPEED for expert speed control when working for longer periods in noise-sensitive areas.

As one of our best professional petrol long reach hedge trimmers, this model also features a cutter bar which is adjustable by 145° in two directions with a rotatable handle, along with double-sided cutting blades, for those harder to reach areas and thicker branches. 

Features of the STIHL HL 94 C-E Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer

STIHL 2-MIX-Engine

This telescopic hedge trimmer features the STIHL 2-MIX-Engine, which is the latest iteration of hedge trimmer engines. This upgraded engine combines low fuel consumption and low emissions with a lightweight frame and excellent acceleration. You needn’t worry about any lack of power with this powerhouse model, as there is always reserved power to cut through those more stubborn shrubs and hedges. 

STIHL ErgoStart (E)

Featuring the STIHL ErgoStart (E), this model is the epitome of easy starting hedge trimmers. Gone are the days of standing around for precious minutes, pulling a cord to no end for your machine to eventually start. This model cuts that effort into a fraction, enabling the trimmer to be pulled at just one-third of the normal force – simply requiring two fingers and a gentle pull action for greater accessibility. 

If there are any extended breaks in operating this model, like putting it away for the winter to use again in the summer, the manual fuel pump can deliver fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button – further reducing the number of starting pulls required. 

STIHL Ecospeed

With the ECOSPEED function, you can use your long reach hedge trimmer in a more economical operating mode. Simply turn the wheel to the minus direction, reducing maximum engine speed. This keeps your long reach hedge trimmer running at partial load. You can still shift to full capacity when you need it by pressing the throttle lever. 

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2. Honda HHH 25S 75E 28″ Single-Sided Hedgetrimmer

Does your garden require a more heavy-duty machine? Honda is renowned for the best 4 stroke engine petrol hedge trimmers on the market, all of which can make light work of your gardening. This model features an anti-vibration frame, an economical fuel consumption, an environmentally friendly low emission system, and an ergonomic style for an easy time handling all types of hedges.  

Features of the Honda HHH 25S 75E 28″ Single-Sided Hedge Trimmer

A Centrifugal Clutch

A great feature of the Honda HHH 25S 75E 28″ is that they protect and insulate the user from any harmful vibrations.  The unique anti-vibration clutch uses a system that dampens vibrations to eliminate any worry for developing Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome – a debilitating condition that can develop from using high vibration hand tools.

When the rpm of the trimmer reaches a certain level, the outward centrifugal force from the engine’s drive shaft will engage with the outer output shaft, delivering a smooth transition of power to the cutting blades.

When the revs decrease, the springs will smoothly retract and disengage. The engine also produces very low noise levels, eliminating the need to worry about damaging your hearing when using this expert trimmer. 

Easy Starting and Handling

The Honda engine features a mechanical decompression system, making the initial starting pull much less of an effort. This model also features an extremely light flywheel, enabling the starter rope pull weight to be just 7.2kg.
To provide maximum comfort during use, the handles and controls are perfectly positioned in order to provide smoother use when using the trimmer for longer periods of time. 

Auto-sharpening Blades

Not only does this trimmer keep your hedges and foliage looking great, it also keeps its own teeth looking great too. With an anti-snapping blade protector coming as standard, your blades are guaranteed to last longer than most commercial trimmers on the market. 

We also offer a great warranty with this model, maintaining the same value throughout the warranty period – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first. This makes this model one of the best commercial petrol hedge trimmers on the market. 

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3. Husqvarna 115iHD45 Battery Hedge Trimmer

Boasting great user-friendliness, and being easy to handle, the Husqvarna 115iHD45 is one of our most popular electric models for homeowners who require comfort and durability. Not only is it exceptionally easy to use, with a powerful performance and no direct emissions, this trimmer is also quiet enough for frequent seasonal use in residential areas. The low noise provides a comfortable work situation and low disturbance for others. 

Operating this machine is also made easy with an intuitive keypad, enabling a safe and convenient start-up sequence, along with an efficient brushless battery-powered motor with savE™ function for extra runtime, and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. 

Features of the Husqvarna 115iHD45 Battery Hedge Trimmer

Lightweight and Ergonomic Model

The Husqvarna 115iHD45 Battery Hedge Trimmer has a compact, slimmed-down design compared to previous models – this enables excellent ergonomics for greater ease of use. This model has been made to be more lightweight and well balanced, a great upgrade from previous models which grants greater handling for comfortable garden work. 

Cordless Design

Forget about worrying about emissions from petrol and damaging the environment when you manicure your garden, with this model, simply push on the trigger to go. No cord, or engine noise, and a powerful battery that brings long life and a reliable machine that can be used and recharged hundreds of times. 

Brushless Motor and savE™

A brushless motor in this model enables the machine to reach a higher torque to weight ratio which increases the efficiency of operation. This also brings other benefits, such as increased reliability, reduced noise and longer product life.

You can also easily choose between normal or savE™ mode, depending on conditions, for maximum power or maximum runtime. Either way, you’ll always get a perfect result when manicuring your garden.

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4. STIHL HS 45 18″ Petrol Hedgetrimmer

The STIHL HS 45 18″ is a compact model which is perfect for making trimming jobs around the garden far easier than before. This model features 2-MIX technology which provides the user with outstanding performance compared to other more affordable models. This model is also available in a larger 60cm/24″ size. 


Features of the STIHL HS 45 18″ Petrol Hedgetrimmer

STIHL 2-MIX-Engine

STIHL’s new generation of hedge trimmer features the specially designed 2-MIX engine, which allows for greater performance compared to older models. By combining low fuel consumption and low emission production, along with its lightweight design and the excellent acceleration from the engine, there is always a sufficient amount of power to cut through thicker shrubbery and foliage. 

Electronic Ignition Module and Long-life Air Filter System

The electronic ignition module ensures that the start-up sequence is smooth, as well as providing efficient and trouble-free running of the machine. The ignition system is fully encapsulated, ensuring that the engine and internal parts are protected from damp and dirt. This model also features a long-life air filter system, ensuring longer cleaning intervals and better protection of the engine.

Anti-vibration system

In order to prevent the intense vibration at the handles of power tools leading to long-term effects on blood vessels in the users’ hands and arms, STIHL has developed an effective anti-vibration system within the engine. This system causes the oscillations from the machine’s engine to be dampened –  significantly reducing vibrations at the handles and eliminating the risk of health problems from long-term use. 

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