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Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

What is the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

A cordless hedge trimmer provides a handheld trimming experience, which is very useful for accessing difficult to reach areas and doing work far away from power sources. Many heavy-duty cordless trimmers will be usable for all manner of garden work, without sacrificing performance or cutting quality. Light trimmers can offer similar quality with clever innovations that reduce the need for fuel. Cordless trimmers are also available with different blade lengths and attachments that can provide a longer reach.

There are three key types of cordless hedge trimmer:

  • Petrol hedge trimmers: This type of trimmer is quite heavy-duty and allows you to cut through thick branches and overgrowth thanks to a fuel-based motor. Cordless petrol trimmers are a very powerful piece of equipment that is suitable for professionals and people with large hedges.
  • Electric hedge trimmers: An electric hedge trimmer is comparatively lightweight and uses a battery and charger. Battery-powered trimmers have variable running times but are suitable for many types of work. Electric trimmers use minimal materials and clever batteries to save time.
  • Extendable hedge trimmers: This type of cordless hedge trimmer has a telescopic pole, which means you can have an extra-long reach. Extension poles are lightweight for better usability and you can choose petrol long reach hedge trimmers or an electric design to cut the tops of hedges.

There are various blade lengths, engine features, spacing options and accessories to pick from, so determining what is the best can be tricky. However, as industry-leading suppliers of the best garden equipment and machinery in the UK we are well-placed to explain some of the different available options. 

Here we will discuss the best cordless hedge trimmers for 2021, all of which we stock in our online shop. You can buy online with free UK delivery, on orders over £200, and expert advice and customer service from a company that has been at the forefront of the trade since 1908. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Best Petrol, Electric and Telescopic Hedge Trimmers

Each type of trimmer has its specific advantages and the most suitable type will depend on your needs. Broadly speaking you need to narrow down the type based on the power you require, the weight you are safely able to handle and the overall price you are willing to pay.

The following is some information on what each type of cordless trimmer is most suitable for, to help you narrow it down for your particular situation:

  • Petrol trimmers are most suitable for heavy-duty work, intensive jobs and commercial-grade hedge trimming. They are heavier and more expensive.
  • Electric trimmers are useful for smaller jobs, occasional maintenance or regular trimming. They are lighter than petrol, but some models are pricey.
  • Extendable trimmers are appropriate for tall hedges and trees. Their weight and prices vary and they are great all-rounders and can be used at a lower height.

So it’s petrol for big jobs, electric for smaller jobs and extendable trimmers for the best of both worlds and working at height. With this in mind we will now look at some of the top contenders for each type of cordless hedge trimmer:

Petrol: Honda HHH 25D 75E 28″ Hedgetrimmer

If you have a big job this is a reliable trimmer that will give you the ultimate in terms of performance. It features the powerful Honda 4-stroke engine and is designed for mobility and precision. For a petrol trimmer, it is quite lightweight – at 6.6 kilograms (kg).

cordless hedge trimmer

Some amazing features of the Honda HHH 25D 75E 28″ Hedgetrimmer include the following:

  • Anti-vibration frame: Although this is a very heavy-duty trimmer the powerful blades are mounted on a sturdy frame, which is very easy to handle while in use. The adjustable handles also let you customise your grip for comfort and extra leverage.
  • Mechanical decompression system: There is nothing more annoying than using a petrol trimmer that is difficult to start. This trimmer eliminates this problem as it uses a super-light flywheel and low starter rope pull weight so it always starts very easily. Start it with just 7.2 kg of pressure
  • Low-noise and low-emission: Another drawback of petrol trimmers is the extensive noise and fumes these trimmers can produce, but this one has a highly economical engine that meets current EU emission standards and is also very quiet.

The power of a petrol motor may cause health issues such as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, which can be dangerous. However, this trimmer’s anti-vibration frame minimises the need for gloves. Overall it is an excellent choice of cordless petrol trimmer that mitigates many of the potential issues that petrol designs can have.

Electric: STIHL HSA 94 R Cordless Hedgetrimmer

With a long-lasting battery running time of around 550 minutes this trimmer eliminates the main concern of an electric design right away. STIHL’s AP System delivers a battery life that is high performance and has great endurance to meet your demands.

sthil cordless hedge trimmer

There are some excellent advantages of the STIHL HSA 94 R Cordless Hedgetrimmer including the following:

  • Quiet and emission-free: The battery-powered design means you will never smell any fumes and it is so quiet you will not require ear protection. This makes it ideal for home use and professional jobs in built-up areas.
  • Double-sided cutting: You will experience the versatility of a heavy-duty trimmer with a lightweight design, just 4.1 kilograms (kg), as it has an adjustable blade stroke to tackle any job. Cut both vertically and horizontally with ease.
  • Smart EC engine: This will take the pressure off the battery during heavy pruning and perfectly match the level of pressure on the blades. It also has a very nice wide cutting width of 38 millimetres.

This is possibly the best electric cordless hedge trimmer on the market as it gives its petrol counterparts a run for their money. To use the STIHL HSA 94 R Cordless Hedgetrimmer with a battery you will need a few accessories, including the AP carrying backpack system – this can make it quite expensive, but its performance justifies the price.

Extendable: STIHL HL 94 C-E Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer

Here we have a high-functioning petrol-powered extendable hedge trimmer, which uses a 2-stroke 24.1cc engine. It has a long reach of 242 centimetres (cm), so can easily reach the top of hedges and handle awkward branches.

cordless pole hedge trimmer

It is a clever design with a lot of great benefits. Some useful features of the STIHL HL 94 C-E Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer include the following:

  • Professional cutting: This trimmer weighs just 6.3 kg but provides excellent cutting whether up high or near the ground. It features the STIHL 2-mix engine that is low emission and offers great acceleration.
  • Carrying system: Because of the telescopic pole some people find it difficult to move extendable trimmers, but the STIHL carrying system gives you a soft and stable harness so even lengthy jobs are more comfortable.
  • Economical fuel use: You can minimise your fuel use with the STIHL Ecospeed function, which smartly reduces the maximum engine speed. The STIHL ErgoStart (E) also makes it much easier to start the trimmer.

If you want quality cutting at any height this is the trimmer for you, and with a blade length of 60 cm, you will get a good cutting reach without using the extendable pole. As it uses petrol and has a higher amount of materials, thanks largely to the telescopic pole design, it is at the higher end of most people’s budgets.

What Are the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Brands?

The above examples of cordless hedge trimmers are at the top of their respective classes and will be perfectly suitable for many types of garden work. However, if you have your eye on another specific model or wish to browse in a store the following are some reputable brands to look out for:

  • Black and Decker
  • Bosch
  • DeWalt
  • Greenworks
  • Gtech
  • Hyundai
  • Makita
  • Ryobi
  • Sealey
  • VonHaus
  • Webb

There are many good brands of hedge trimmers, and this is not an exhaustive list of respectable manufacturers. STIHL and Honda are both excellent and the above brands may vary slightly in quality between each other, as well as between their respective different model types.   

The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers Explained

There are three main types of handheld trimmers, and the best one depends upon your needs. Heavy-duty petrol designs are good for intensive work and professional jobs, electric versions are useful for smaller jobs or in gardens and extendable long reach options are great for work at varying heights.

We are experts in cordless hedge trimmers and many other types of garden equipment, so we can explain the differences of each type and what to consider before buying. If you are ready to purchase your cordless hedge trimmer please feel free to browse our online shop or contact us if you have any questions.

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