All our robotic lawnmowers run on electricity and being as low as 24V they use very little at that. Goodbye fumes.


Due to their regular mowing schedules the lawn is always freshly cut and tidy. The lawn grows healthier too!


Once set up the mowers take care of the rest. They will even return back to their chargers when they need to charge.


Robotic mowers cut in almost any weather and are built to live outside all year round. No more waiting on dry days.



All robotic mowers work using the same system which includes the mower itself, the base/charging station and the perimeter wire placed at the boundary of a lawn.

To find out more on how these clever machines mow your lawn watch the video above, it was created by Husqvarna but the principles are very similar for our other robotic mowers.

Safety and security built in to every model.

Safety First

Pivoting, off-set blades, collision and lift sensors, and body design are all features to keep children and pets safe when around your robotic mower.

Theft Protection

Our range of robotic mowers are packed full of security features including; pin code lock, alarm, mobile alerts, GPS tracking and more.

Remote Notifications

With our cellular connected models you will be notified to your smartphone immediately when your machine is picked up, taken away or stuck.

Carpet like lawn, all year round. Come rain or shine.

Robotic mowers are built to live outside the entire grass mowing season. That means they are built to withstand what the weather throughs at it. Once installed your mower and it’s charging station will love on your lawn all year round, except during the winter months when the grass stops growing and the mower comes in for its annual service and storage.

Unlike traditional lawn mowing robotic mowers can cut in the wet. As these mowers mow so frequently the grass clippings that are produced are so small that moisture does not cause a problem. No more waiting for good weather to cut the lawn.

Some models will even reduce their mowing schedule if the grass hasn’t been growing. Using sensors in the blade motor the robot will be able to tell if the grass hasn’t grown during a period of drought for instance, during these times the mower will reduce its time spent mowing to reduce wear and conserve energy.


Husqvarna Automower 435X

All-wheel-drive robotic lawn mower for areas up to 3,500 m2. Designed to handle complex areas, tough terrain and slopes up to 70%.

Low weight and smart design allows for high capacity and low energy consumption.

Drive motors with Ultra-silent technology enable extremely low noise levels.

Remote object detection makes the mower slow down before bumping into an object.


All-wheel-drive and unique articulated body design with excellent manoeuvrability – for complex and steep gardens.


Automower® Access – interact intuitively via high resolution colour display and jog wheel.

This all-wheel-drive Automower® sets the benchmark for robotic mowers, making too steep a thing of the past. Confidently manoeuvring slopes with an incline up to an impressive 70% (35˚) whilst being intelligent enough to negotiate the challenges of large and complex lawns up to 3500m2, the 435X AWD can easily manage multiple narrow passages, obstacles and tough terrain. The 435X AWD has an articulated body for superior steering and traction.


Slope Incline

World leading slope performance.


Max. Lawn Size

Built for large lawns.


Complete control at
your finger tips.

Mow your lawn from the comfort of your armchair, or while on holiday. Have complete control of your new favourite gardener wherever you are whether it be to change settings, view the status or to track the machine incase of theft.

(only available on selected models)

Weekly Schedule

Override and adjust the weekly programming.

Push Notifications

Get notified if your mower is stuck, picked up or if there is a problem.

Location Tracking

Track your machines location and movements via the inbuilt GPS.

Bluetooth & Cellular

Connect via Bluetooth or with cellular control your machine anywhere in the world.

AM Connect iPhone Left
AM Connect iPhone Right

Extend your smart home to the garden.

All Automower® X-Line models can be connected to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device. This makes your robotic mower a natural and fully integrated part of your home automation system. Standard Automower® models can also become part of your smart home when equipped with Automower® Connect.

A complete installation and set up service.

For small and non-complex lawns installation can be done by yourself and can typically take 2-5 hours to complete, this is best suited to our Gardena range. For anything bigger or more complex we recommend that we carry out the installation, we have the experience and training to do it in the most efficient manner and find that there are far fewer issues during the machines life when the machine is installed correctly. We also use professional tools that bury the wire below the grass surface.

Many machines do not include installation kits, i.e. the perimeter wire, pegs and connectors and all machines do not include installation in the cost. To find the cost of installation for your lawn, get in touch.

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