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Honda UMK 4-Tooth Blade Attachment

£22.98£25.31 inc. VAT
Cut the rough down to size with this optional 4-tooth blade attachment. It’s specially made by Honda and designed to

Honda UMK Hedgetrimmer Attachment

£305.20 £280.00 inc. VAT
Blade Length 820mm
Angle of Use 180°

Honda UMK Pruner Attachment

£275.93 £255.00 inc. VAT
Get your teeth into the job with this optional easy-to-fit Pruner attachment. You can trim thick hedges and bushes, and

Honda UMK Saw Blade and Guard Kit Attachment

£77.41 inc. VAT
When the going gets tough this optional saw blade attachment will trim anything down to size. The blade is easily

STIHL CF3 Pro mowing line

£26.50 inc. VAT
Replacement high-tech mowing line for STIHL mowing heads