At Sims Garden Machinery, we stock a range of wheelbarrows. Our range of Haemmerlin wheelbarrows includes smaller models, such as the Camden Classic and the PolyPro. The PolyPro is made from high-density Polypropylene, offering strength in a range of bright colours. A Camden Classic is a traditional British model, with an 85l galvanised tray. They also produce a twin-wheeled model, for added balance. For a larger option, the Hammerlin Colossus stores a huge 300L, with its sturdy two-wheel design providing great balance.

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Haemmerlin Colossus 300l Polypro Twin-Wheeled Wheelbarrow

£282.00 inc. VAT
The Haemmerlin COLOSSUS is a gigantic Premium Quality wheelbarrow as you can imagine by its name. It has the biggest tray

Haemmerlin Expert 150l Premium Wheelbarrow

£170.00 inc. VAT
The EXPERT is a very special and singular wheelbarrow in the Haemmerlin range for many reasons. It has the biggest capacity on

Haemmerlin Twin Original 90l Twin-Wheeled Wheelbarrow

£159.00 inc. VAT
Haemmerlin TWIN ORIGINAL wheelbarrow is the twin wheeled version of the Original. The two wheels give a perfect balance and make

Haemmerlin Go 90l PolyPro Wheelbarrow

£74.00 inc. VAT
Don’t let the looks of this beauty fool you, this is a superb 90 Ltr wheelbarrow made with Haemmerlin’s renowned

Haemmerlin Camden Classic 85l Galvanised Wheelbarrow

£65.00 inc. VAT
Chillington’s CAMDEN CLASSIC GALV is the Galvanised version of the UK’s fastest selling 85 Ltr wheelbarrow. A power horse with an

Haemmerlin Camden Classic 85l Black Wheelbarrow

£60.00 inc. VAT
Chillington’s CAMDEN CLASSIC is the UK’s fastest selling 85 Ltr wheelbarrow. A power horse with an amazing value! The Camden is