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Wolf Garten (4IN1RAKE) 4-in-1 Leaf Rake

This 4-in-1 Leaf Rake can be dismantled into 3 parts, providing three working widths to choose from: 20cm, 48cm and

Wolf Garten (B25M) multi-change® Flexi Broom

This Flexi Broom has soft, flexible bristles which make it easy to get into hard to reach places and clear

Wolf Garten (B30M) multi-change® Yard Broom

This Yard Broom has tough 70mm long PVC bristles which is ideal for use in the garden and on pavements;

Wolf Garten (B40M) multi-change® Patio Brush

This Patio Brush has tough, long-lasting PVC bristles which are weather-resistant, allowing easy cleaning of your garden and pavements in

Wolf Garten (BAM) multi-change® Grubber 9cm

This Grubber features three pointed tines to make quick and easy work of breaking up tougher ground, making light work

Wolf Garten (BEM) multi-change® Cultivator 11cm

This Cultivator features three lance shaped prongs which are angled to break up and loosen medium soils with ease, aerating

Wolf Garten (BF40M) multi-change® House Brush

This House Brush is made with a combination of extra fine horsehair and Flexon®, providing optimum cleaning efficiency and harder

Wolf Garten (BIM) multi-change® Aerator 3.5cm

This Aerator can be used for loosening and ventilating soil in confined spaces, allowing optimum nutrient distribution. The working head

Wolf Garten (BKM) multi-change® Dustpan and Small Handle

This Dustpan has a broad plain which allows quick and effective clearing of dust and debris. It comes complete with

Wolf Garten (BS40M) multi-change® Decking Brush

This Decking Brush has short, robust elastoflex bristles which allow you to sweep and scrub your garden with ease. The

Wolf Garten (BW25M) multi-change® Angle Broom

This Angle Broom is ideal for getting into confined, hard to reach areas. The shape and angle of the bristles

Wolf Garten (DAS) multi-change® Soil Miller 15cm

This Soil Miller crumbles heavy soil into a fine tilth, removes weeds and prepares the ground for planting and sowing