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Wolf Garten (RCVM) Adjustable Anvil Tree Lopper

This Adjustable Anvil Tree Lopper has a 4:1 pulley system to allow easier pruning with less effort. The anvil cutting

Wolf Garten (RBM) multi-change® Lawn Edge Trimmer

This Lawn Edge Trimmer allows you to cut perfect lawn edges to any shape or size whilst keeping your back

Wolf Garten (RCM) multi-change® Anvil Tree Lopper

This Anvil Tree Lopper has a 4:1 pulley system to allow easier pruning with less effort. The lopper has an

Wolf Garten (ZMV4) multi-change® Telescopic Handle 220-400cm

The ZMV4 telescopic handle extends from 220cm to 400cm through 5 stages. The lightweight aluminium construction means it is sturdy

Wolf Garten (GCM) multi-change® Gutter Cleaner

This 2-in-1 Gutter Cleaner features both a leaf scoop and a gutter brush. The leaf scoop quickly removes leaves and

Wolf Garten (4IN1RAKE) 4-in-1 Leaf Rake

This 4-in-1 Leaf Rake can be dismantled into 3 parts, providing three working widths to choose from: 20cm, 48cm and

Wolf Garten (DAS) multi-change® Soil Miller 15cm

This Soil Miller crumbles heavy soil into a fine tilth, removes weeds and prepares the ground for planting and sowing

Wolf Garten (PC370MSPRO) Professional Pruning Saw

This Professional Pruning Saw features a branch hook, bark scratcher and reusable blade cover. The saw blade is curved to

Wolf Garten (URM3) multi-change® Roller Moss Removal Rake

This Roller Moss Removal Rake is the ideal tool for clearing moss and thatch from your lawn. The head has

Wolf Garten (UHM) multi-change® Longspan Rake

This Longspan Rake has a 58cm width ideal for collecting large quantities of clippings and is particularly useful for working

Wolf Garten (ZMV3) multi-change® Telescopic Handle 170-300cm

The ZMV3 telescopic handle extends from 170cm to 300cm through 5 stages and is made from lightweight, sturdy aluminium with

Wolf Garten (ZSM) Cord Tidy

This Cord Tidy has a pull cord tensioner with pulling handle and supporting function which makes tree pruning easier and