Our range of chainsaw chains for sale, from industry-recognised brands like Husqvarna. Whether you are looking for a replacement chain or a new chain we have both full chisel and semi-chisel options available. Full chisel chains offer a faster cut than Semi-chisel but are quicker to lose sharpness, requiring regular sharpening. A semi-chisel chain is also the best choice for dirtier wood, with full chisel chains being sensitive to dirt.

Sims Garden Machinery has delivery options across the UK for our chainsaw chains. See the Delivery & Shipping page on our website for the latest information. Our team of industry experts is available to answer whatever queries you have about our range of chainsaw chains. Contact us today to discuss our product range or service. Sims Garden Machinery has been a family run business for over 100 years, selling high-quality gardening equipment across the country.

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