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CEORA™ robotic mower range for large scale turf care


An autonomous mowing solution from Husqvarna is set to change the world of commercial turf care. With its huge area capacity, CEORA™ robotic mower is great news for all green space professionals. Systematic cutting and virtual boundaries deliver superb results and easier turf management on larger surfaces than ever. What’s more, this low noise, emission-free* solution offers thrilling future potential. It’s time to expand your horizons and embrace the future.

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Automower® robotic mower range for complex and steep slope turf care

Automower® robotic mowers cover smaller areas than CEORA™, manage slopes up to 70 % and are an ideal choice for areas up to 6,000 m²/day depending on what grass quality you want. They use smart technology that automatically cuts little grass at a time while naturally fertilizing the turf,  providing better lawn quality than when using traditional mowers. It also comes with remote control and management. Theft and damage protection is included when leasing.

Reliable operation 24/7

Automower® works day and night, is weather proof and gives you great results even in wet conditions. Furthermore, sophisticated sensors stop the mower before any danger occur. And the professional interface protects from unauthorised tampering. If Automower® gets stolen, it’s immediately locked, an alarm goes off and the built-in GPS shows the mower’s position.

Flexible and hassle-free zone management

Automower® 550 EPOS uses state-of-the-art autonomous mowing solution guided by Husqvarna EPOS technology. Precise satellite navigation with virtual boundaries eliminates the hassle of physical wires. Quick definitions of work areas and stay-out zones accommodate optimal use of the turf, while aerating is made easier without the risk of damage wires. The robotic mower travels between work areas on defined transport paths, while temporary stay-out zones can be created for more flexible turf management.

Leave a green footprint

Since Automower® is electric, there are no direct emissions which contributes to considerably reduce your environmental impact. Furthermore, it does the job quietly. The cutting technique with sharp, pivoting blades and the innovative motor significantly reduce noise, which allows for 24/7 mowing in noise-restricted areas. The image at the right, which is based on a field test, clearly shows the big difference of how far the noise is spread from Automower® compared to a petrol-driven mower. Want to go all-in on sustainability? Check out our range of battery-powered tools.

Give every lawn a carpet-like look

Wherever you choose to use your Automower® robotic mower, it provides an excellent result. By cutting the grass a small bit at a time, the three razor-sharp blades deliver a lawn quality that conventional blades can’t achieve. The nutrients and water content of the miniscule clippings provide a constant source of fertilisation for the lawn, to keep it healthy, lush and green. And because of the random cutting pattern and their low weight, the mowers leave no visible tracks.

Free up valuable time

Automower® could be the best investment you’ve ever made. You free up man hours, so you can spend your time on more qualified tasks, to deliver more value to your clients. Furthermore, thanks to the robust design, the electric motor and the long-lasting Li-ion battery type, it has a long service life and requires far less maintenance than conventional mowers, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Up to 18 acres

CEORA™ - The future of commercial turf care

Keep track of your equipment

Forget manual controls. Our digital management tool Husqvarna Fleet Services™ keeps you updated and helps you manage your battery machines (as well as petrol-powered equipment) from anywhere. Via a phone, tablet or laptop you’re able to get access to a map view of your machines, various detailed statistics, service history of each machine – and get notifications when machines are due for service.

How it works

Stockholm, Sweden

Husqvarna’s Automower® EPOS robotic mower has made managing the popular green spaces in Royal Djurgården, Stockholm, both easier and more flexible, much thanks to the wire-free installation.

Odense, Denmark

In the 8.5 acres housing estate in Odense, Denmark, 10 robotic mowers from Husqvarna are making sure the grass of the slopes and grassy areas, as well as the soccer field, is always kept perfect.

Stefan Cårebo

Instead of tractors, the city of Edinburgh has chosen Automower® for the lawn care at central parks, a cemetery and a school. The result has the caretakers in disbelief over the results.

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