Although majoring in cutting tools, Darlac offer one of the most diverse ranges of garden tools and equipment available from one Independent UK source.

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Darlac DP1022 Expert Telescopic Bypass Lopper

£74.99 inc. VAT
For ultimate fine cutting performance choose the Expert Range. Drop forged and anodised parts for wear and corrosion resistance. The

Darlac DP110T Telescopic Cut ‘n’ Hold Snapper

£60.99 inc. VAT
This Telescopic Cut ‘N’ Hold Snapper has a longer reach extending from 1.8 to 3m. Perfect for light pruning up

Darlac DP1560 Expert 3 Metre Telescopic Pole

£53.99 inc. VAT
Professional three section oval Aluminium pole for ultimate strength and durability. Spring loaded slide buttons and flip down safety friction

Darlac DP1020 Expert Bypass Lopper

£53.99 inc. VAT
Carefully constructed with aluminium box section handles for strength and lightweight. Drop forged blade for greater cutting capability. The large

Darlac DP1583 Expert Geared Anvil Tree Pruner

£50.99 inc. VAT
The Expert Geared Anvil Tree Pruning Head can be used with both telescopic poles in the range. Combining a rack

Darlac DP1565 Expert Razor Tooth Saw

£47.99 inc. VAT
The tri-edge saw has 6.5 teeth per 30 mm and the blade is tapered to offer minimal friction and reduce

Darlac DP474A Telescopic Ratchet Lopper

£42.99 inc. VAT
Why choose the Darlac Telescopic Ratchet Lopper? The Darlac Telescopic Ratcher Lopper is an award-winning ratchet lopper with strong, oval

Darlac DP401 Lightweight Shear

£42.99 inc. VAT
Part of the wide range of gardening shears available from Darlac Tools. Sharpen your Darlac shears with our award-winning fine

Darlac DP1210 Expert Drop Forged Shear

£40.99 inc. VAT
Part of the wide range of gardening shears available from Darlac Tools. Sharpen all Darlac shears with our coarse grade

Darlac DP812 Telescopic Edging Shear

£37.99 inc. VAT
Telescopic Edging Shear. Add the finishing touch when the lawn has been cut by trimming the edges. The handles adjust

Darlac DP811 Telescopic Lawn Shear

£35.99 inc. VAT
A lightweight aluminium ‘back friendly’ shear with telescopic handles that can be adjusted to the perfect height. Reaches where the

Darlac DP810 Telescopic Hedge Shear

£32.99 inc. VAT
Combine the best of both worlds with this Shear. It is lightweight – weighs just over 1kg – with oval