Get the perfect lawn, all year round, without lifting a finger. Meet our range of robotic lawnmowers for every sized lawn.
From as little as £499


Time is precious , especially your leisure time. Enjoy more time surrounded by the beautiful things in life while your lawn is taken care of by one of our robotic mowers.
A robotic mower doesn’t just mow the lawn, it also provides fully automatic lawn care tailored to your garden. Extremely fast, easy to use and a lush green lawn.
How they work

All robotic mowers work using the same system which includes the mower itself, the base/charging station and the perimeter wire placed at the boundary of a lawn. To find out more on how these clever machines mow your lawn watch the video below, it was created by Husqvarna but the principles are very similar for our other ranges of robotic mowers.

Green Energy

Our entire range of robotic mowers are battery powered so there are no emissions or fumes to worry about. When the mower is running low on battery it will stop mowing and return back to its charging station by itself.

Healthier grass

The great thing about the robotic mowers is that they mow and care for your lawn at the same time. During mowing, it shreds the grass clippings finely, which fall back onto the lawn
acting as a effective fertiliser (known as mulching). Not only does this provide vital nourishment to help grow a thick and healthy lawn, it also means there are no grass clippings to collect and dispose of.

complex lawns

Come rain or shine robotic mowers keep mowing until the job is done. Adaptive slope speed technology means they can mow inclines of up to 45% with ease. The robotic mower adjusts its speed to suit the mowing conditions, moving slower over long, thick grass or on hilly terrain. With advanced GPS guidance and Narrow Passageway Technology some mowers will continue to cut even the most complex of lawns.

Neighbourhood friendly

With a sound levels as little as 58 dB(A), robotic mowers can easily work in the garden without disturbing you or your neighbours even during the hours of night. Wake up to a freshly cut lawn every morning with our range of robotic lawnmowers.

book your free on-site survey

If you need help finding the right machine for you and your lawn arrange a FREE on-site survey with us now where we will evaluate your lawn and propose the best robotic solution.


For small and non-complex lawns installation can be done by yourself and can typically take 2-5 hours to complete, this is best suited to Robomow’s RC range. For anything bigger we recommend that we carry out the installation, we have the experience and training to do it in the most efficient manner and find that there are far fewer issues during the machines life when the machine is installed correctly.
Many machines do not include installation kits, i.e. the perimeter wire, pegs and connectors and all machines do not include installation in the cost.
To find the cost of installation for your lawn, get in touch.


Robomow’s range of robotic machines caters for every sized lawn, especially smaller ones, and with prices starting from as little as £499 including installation kit, they bring all the benefits of a robotic mower with a walk behind price.

With features such as GPS, remote control abilities and weather programming the iMow range has a lot of sophistication, and being manufactured by Viking, a STIHL company, is of high quality and reliable.

With over 25 years of experience manufacturing robotic mowers, Husqvarna have established themselves as the market leader and for very good reason. The amount of features these machines have are too much to mention here but with them they make tackling the most complex of lawns a breeze.


How do I get started with robotic lawnmowers?

Speak to us about arranging an initial consultation. Once we have helped you find the right machine for you, we will then arrange an installation date with yourself, unless you are confident to install the machine yourself (we don’t recommend this on machines bigger than the Robomow’s RX range). We will then lay the perimeter wire and place the docking station in the best position. Then we will programme the mowing plan with you and show you how to make any further adjustments if/when needed.

How often does a robotic lawnmower cut the lawn?

The mowing plan is created automatically or manually depending on your needs. Would you prefer the robot to work when you are not home or asleep? That’s no problem. Some models not only cut automatically according to plan, but also add in a buffer zone to make up for any missed times, as a result of the battery charging or rain.

How does robotic lawnmowers deal with obstacles in my garden?

For obstacles such as flower beds, ornamental shrubs and other objects, a loop can be easily installed which will act as an exclusion zone. When they encounter any unplanned for or solid objects such as barbeques or deck chairs the sensors under the hood automatically reverse the mower and move it off in another direction. Some models even have ultra sound sensors, just like your car’s parking sensor, which picks up on objects in front of it before it bumps into them.

What safety devices does robotic lawnmowers have?

All robotic mowers are equipped with a variety of sensors. As soon as someone attempts to lift them, they stop and if they hit any static objects it simply moves off into another direction. Some robotic mowers can also be set so that it can only be operated following entry of a pre-defined PIN code. Some even have GPS and phone connectivity which will alert the owner if the machine gets picked up and/or show the machines current location.

Will it interfere with other electronic equipment?

The mowing zone is defined with perimeter wire which transmits an interference-free signal. This means that the signal does not compete with other signals.

Is it possible to steal a robotic mower?

All our robotic mower models are equipped with an alarm that is activated when the machine is lifted. They can be set so they can only be operated following entry of a PIN code. On some models you can also, upon request, receive an email or text message in the event that your machine is stolen and then locate it with your smart phone or tablet using the App.

Can I control the robotic lawnmowers manually?

With some, yes, the 6 series iMow’s and almost all Robomow models have the ability to remotely steer, as well as manually change settings etc.

Are robotic mowers suitable for all gardens?

Our wide range of robotic mowers are ideal for mowing lawns of all sizes up to 5000m2. If your lawn has many nooks and crannies, these can be taken into account and an optimal solution found for your lawn.

What happens to the grass clippings?

Robotic mowers are mulching mowers and therefore requires no grass collector. By cutting the grass into very small pieces they disappear back into the lawn and provide valuable nutrients to the soil. This enables you to have a lush and healthy lawn without the extra effort.

Can robotic lawnmowers cut during the night?

Absolutely. Once you hear how quiet it is we are confident you will be satisfied that it will not annoy you or your neighbours during the night. Some models even include from LED headlights, so you can see the hardworking being done from the comfort of your home.

How do robotic lawnmowers trim lawn edges?

Soft edges located at ground level (such as low patios and walkways) can be included within the installation. For hard edges (such as walls and elevated patios) robotic mowers can be installed so that it can run as close to the edge as possible, some mowers are better at this then other, such as the Robomow RC range.

Can robotic lawnmowers trim different lawns?

Yes, some models can operate completely separated lawns, so your one robotic mowers can cut your front, side and rear lawns.

Still have questions? No problem, we're always here to help.