Sims Garden Machinery offers a wide range of ride-on lawn mowers. We have traditional lawn tractors, out-front mowers, and zero-turn mowers, depending on your needs. Our range of ride-on lawn mowers includes both two wheel drive and four wheel drive models. If you are looking for a ride-on lawn mower that will collect your clippings, or one that will mulch or discharge it, we have models with those features. We sell ride-on lawn mowers from brands like Ariens, Honda, and Stiga.

We can deliver all of our products across the UK. When we deliver your ride-on lawn mower, a member of our team will assemble it and demonstrate proper usage to you, ensuring your comfort with your new mower.

If you have any queries about our product range or about ride-on mowers, get in contact with a member of our team today. Our customer service staff are industry trained, with a deep knowledge of our product range.

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Stiga Park Pro 540 IX 4WD Out-Front Ride-On with 125cm QF Electric Lift Deck

£11,599.00 inc. VAT
Combining a premium 688 cc Honda V-Twin engine with 4WD, an out-front deck and articulated steering, the STIGA Park Pro 540 IX offers powerful, high-traction performance and unbeatable manoeuvrability thanks to its hydro-piston. High-specification features include an electromagnetic PTO clutch for effortless blade management; a foot-pedal hydrostatic drive for intuitive speed control; and ergonomic high-back seat for the best possible driver comfort.

Stiga Park 340 PWX 4WD Out-Front Ride-On with 100cm QF Electric Lift Deck

£5,418.00 inc. VAT
The Park 340 out-front mower is powered by a potent 586cc twin-cylinder STIGA ST 550 Twin engine, plus an all-wheel-drive Tuff Torq transaxle transmission. So no mowing task is too much trouble, even when tackling uneven surfaces. For light and easy manoeuvring, especially around obstacles, the Park 340 features 50:50 articulation with power steering. And its front-mounted deck includes extra-wide cutting choices from 95m to 125cm – while delivering a clear out-front view, easy access to corners, and accurate cutting along edges.

Husqvarna R 216T 103cm Out-Front Rider

£5,249.00 inc. VAT
Combining ease of use and excellent handling with power and performance, this All-Wheel Drive Rider with a high-torque V-twin engine is a pleasure to operate and deliver great results. The articulated steering provides manoeuvrability for the really tight turns. Equipped with LED lights and Turn Key Start.

Stiga Park 520 P Out-Front Ride-On with 100cm QF Electric Lift Deck

£5,179.00 inc. VAT
The Park 520 P out-front mower combines reliability, manoeuvrability and flexibility in one machine. It's driven by a reliable STIGA 452cc one-cylinder engine, while its light 50:50 articulation with power steering will help you avoid all obstacles. This front mower also provides an easily reached ergonomic side dashboard and compartment, automatic updates to your digital device, and LED headlights for mowing even in poor light.

Stiga Park 320 P Out-Front Ride-On with 100cm Electric Lift Deck

£4,159.00 inc. VAT
The Park 320 P out-front mower combines reliability and manoeuvrability in one machine. It's driven by a reliable STIGA 432cc one-cylinder engine, while its special articulation (50:50) jointly with the power-assisted steering will help you move around the garden and its obstacles in the easiest way. This mower's front-mounted deck also provides a clear view of your working area, easier access to corners, and beautiful results along edges.

Stiga Park 220 Out-Front Ride-On with 95cm QF Electric Lift Deck

£3,459.00 inc. VAT
STIGA Park 220 is a compact front cut ride-on mower, equipped with a Briggs & Stratton petrol engine and STIGA articulated steering, which make it a powerful but easily-manageable machine for mowing the lawn. This machine can be combined with a 95 cm Combi cutting deck with Quick Flip technology, that makes maintaining the deck quick and easy. The pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission makes driving simply pleasant.

Husqvarna R 214TC 94cm Out-Front Rider

£3,449.00 inc. VAT
A flexible and powerful Rider with a high-torque twin-cylinder engine and factory-mounted, 94cm Combi cutting deck, offering first-class BioClip® (mulching) and rear ejection cutting. Suitable for home- and landowners who require extra high efficiency, ease of use, superior manoeuvrability and a truly enjoyable ride. Pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, easy-access controls and automatic blade engagement.

Stiga Park 120 Out-Front Ride-On with 85cm QF Deck

£2,999.00 inc. VAT
Compact front cut ride-on mower, equipped with a STIGA petrol engine, STIGA articulated steering for unbeatable maneuverability and ease of use. This machine can be combined with an 85 cm Combi cutting deck with Quick Flip technology.