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Wolf Garten (ZMI12) multi-change® Aluminium Handle 118cm

This lightweight handle with a comfortable red sleeve is a 118cm long and made from strong rustproof aluminium. It can

Wolf Garten (FKM) multi-change® Garden Scraper

This Garden Scraper is the ideal tool for removing weeds and moss from in between paving slabs. The sharp edge

Wolf Garten (LNM) multi-change® Mini Hoe

This Mini Hoe features a broad, sharp angled blade which can be used for weeding or drawing out seed drills.

Wolf Garten (LLM) multi-change® Double Hoe 5cm

This Double Hoe has two sharp prongs on one side which break up heavy soil. On the reverse side, there

Wolf Garten (LJM) multi-change® Small Rake 8cm

This Small Rake has fine curved teeth which glide through soil and allow for easy weeding and aerating. In addition,

Wolf Garten (LFM) multi-change® Small Crumbler 7cm

This Small Crumbler makes light work of breaking up heavy soil, loosening it to allow for optimal plant growth. The

Wolf Garten (LDM) multi-change® Fan Rake 11cm

This Fan Rake is ideal for sweeping up debris and loosening soil in confined areas. The tines are made from

Wolf Garten (LCM) multi-change® Small Sweep 11cm

This Small Sweep is ideal for sweeping up debris and loosening soil in confined areas. The strong steel tines are

Wolf Garten (LBM) multi-change® Small Cultiweeder 7cm

This Small Cultiweeder has all the benefits of the multi-change® Cultivator, but with the additional advantage of a weeding blade

Wolf Garten (LAM) multi-change® Mini Cultivator

This Mini Cultivator features three lance shaped prongs which are angled to break up and loosen medium soils with ease,

Wolf Garten (ZM04) multi-change® Small Handle

This 35cm long handle is the ideal when needing a longer reach hand tool or when working in restricted spaces

Wolf Garten (ZM02) multi-change® Mini Handle

This 15cm mini handle is designed to be used with all hand tools, from the trowel and fork, small rockery