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Wolf Garten (ILM3) multi-change® Double Hoe 8cm

This Double Hoe features a broad, sharp angled blade which can be used for weeding or drawing out seed drills.

Wolf Garten (BAM) multi-change® Grubber 9cm

This Grubber features three pointed tines to make quick and easy work of breaking up tougher ground, making light work

Wolf Garten (ZM140) multi-change® Wooden Handle 140cm

This traditional looking handle, made from FSC® certified European Ash is a 140cm in length and offers great control across

Wolf Garten (HUM10) multi-change® Small Draw Hoe 10cm

This Small Draw Hoe is ideal for hoeing and weeding in small, confined areas such as densely planted flower beds.

Wolf Garten (EAM) multi-change® Small Seed Sower

This Small Seed Sower helps you to roll out uniform rows of seeds swiftly without bending and whilst keeping a

Wolf Garten (BIM) multi-change® Aerator 3.5cm

This Aerator can be used for loosening and ventilating soil in confined spaces, allowing optimum nutrient distribution. The working head

Wolf Garten (FBME) multi-change® Weeding Brush Heads (Twin Pack)

These Weeding Brush Replacement Heads feature stiff steel bristles that are specially angled to remove tough weeds and moss from

Wolf Garten (UIMC) multi-change® Leaf Rake

This Leaf Rake has flat-edged plastic tines which prevent leaves getting spiked onto the head, making it ideal for gathering

Wolf Garten (LUSM) multi-change® Hand Trowel 8cm

This Hand Trowel is an essential tool for planting and transplanting. The extra-hardened tool head is specially shaped to scoop

Wolf Garten (LUGM) multi-change® Hand Fork 7.5cm

This Hand Fork is an essential tool for planting and transplanting. The four narrow pointed tines are extra hardened and

Wolf Garten (SHM) multi-change® Swoe Style Hoe 12cm

This Swoe Style Hoe is ideal for weeding around and behind plants in tight areas. The shape of the tool

Wolf Garten (RTM) multi-change® Branch Hook

This Branch Hook allows you to effortlessly remove cut branches from trees. It is also particularly useful for propping and