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Wolf Garten (FWM) multi-change® Window Wiper & Handle

This broad Window Wiper has a high quality 35cm wide rubber lip to help clean windows quickly and effectively. The

Wolf Garten (EWM) multi-change® Window Washer

This Window Washer has a removable, washable mop head which at 35cm wide, makes quick work of cleaning your windows.

Wolf Garten (DOM40) multi-change® Bow Rake 40cm

This Bow Rake has 16 curved teeth which are shaped to easily penetrate the ground and move through soil and

Wolf Garten (ZM140W) multi-change® Wooden Handle 140cm

The ZM140W is made from FSC® certified European Ash and is 140cm long with a pvc grip and integrated hanging

Wolf Garten (IEM) multi-change® Cultiweeder 10cm

This Cultiweeder has all the benefits of the multi-change® Cultivator, but with the additional advantage of a weeding blade on

Wolf Garten (ZM100W) multi-change® Wooden Handle 100cm

The ZM100W handle is constructed from high quality FSC® certified European ash with an aluminium socket and pvc grip with

Wolf Garten (BEM) multi-change® Cultivator 11cm

This Cultivator features three lance shaped prongs which are angled to break up and loosen medium soils with ease, aerating

Wolf Garten (ZM170) multi-change® Wooden Handle 170cm

This 170cm long handle is constructed from FSC® certified European Ash with a lightweight aluminium socket and has a fixed

Wolf Garten (ZMAD120) multi-change® Aluminium D-Grip Handle

This 117cm long D-Grip handle is made from lightweight aluminium and provides additional leverage and is longer than the similar

Wolf Garten (BW25M) multi-change® Angle Broom

This Angle Broom is ideal for getting into confined, hard to reach areas. The shape and angle of the bristles

Wolf Garten (BF40M) multi-change® House Brush

This House Brush is made with a combination of extra fine horsehair and Flexon®, providing optimum cleaning efficiency and harder

Wolf Garten (BS40M) multi-change® Decking Brush

This Decking Brush has short, robust elastoflex bristles which allow you to sweep and scrub your garden with ease. The