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Husqvarna Aluminium Felling/Splitting Wedge

£22.99£29.99 inc. VAT
A re-groundable wedge with barb surface on one side that prevents the wedge to go back.Wedges help the tree fall

Husqvarna Maintenance & Cleaning Kit

£11.99£29.99 inc. VAT
Equipment for lighter cleaning and maintenance of the Automower during season. Contents: Two special brushes, one with very slim and steep shape and second small brush with scraper for removing grass and dirt. One screwdriver for changing cutting blades. One abbrasive pad to clean the connectors on mower and charging station. One towel and one bottle of plastic care spray to make plastic parts shiny.

Husqvarna Saw chain H25 Semi-chisel .325″ | 1,5 mm | 72 Links

£29.39 inc. VAT
A fast-cutting, low-vibration chain where cutters have small-radius working corners for fast cutting and easy sharpening.

Husqvarna Sports Bag Navy

£25.00 inc. VAT
The Husqvarna Sports Carry Bag Holdall is a good solid duffel bag for travelling. The roomy carry bag is also

Husqvarna Trimmer head T35

£24.14 inc. VAT
Fits engine size
30-42 cc
Cord size Min
2.4 mm

Husqvarna Plastic Felling Wedge 25cm

£15.74 inc. VAT
These felling wedges are made of high impact ABS plastic. Felling wedges help the tree fall in the direction of

Husqvarna Pegs (100 pieces)

£15.74 inc. VAT
Pegs, used to staple boundary wires and guide wires onto lawn.

Husqvarna Thermo Flask 750ml

£13.99 inc. VAT
The Husqvarna thermoflask is made of steel, has a capacity of 0.75 litres and bears the Husqvarna logo. You can

Husqvarna Connector Protection Box

£10.50 inc. VAT
A small sealed box for cable connectors, to protect them against moisture during off season.

Husqvarna 2-Stroke Oil HP

£2.29£10.00 inc. VAT