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Husqvarna Coupler

£1.99£64.99 inc. VAT
Coupler to be used for repair or extension of boundary wire. Also used when connecting guide wire to the installation.

Husqvarna Wall Hanger

£49.99 inc. VAT
Store your Automower® hanging on the wall when not in use and during the winter season.

Husqvarna Forest Helmet, Classic

£47.24 inc. VAT
Helmet completely equipped for forestry or garden work. With a traditional six-point plastic harness and one-hand adjustable slip ratchet. The

Husqvarna Automower Skins

£41.99 inc. VAT
Personalise your Husqvarna Automower® with our series of uniquely designed skins.

If ordered with a new Automower the skins will be fitted free of charge before shipping (please state if you do not wish body to be fitted).

Husqvarna Temporary Fence

£36.79 inc. VAT
These robust steel arches offer the ideal solution when you need to temporarily fence off a certain lawn area from being mowed by your robot. Such occasions as, when the spring flowers are blooming, or when the kids’ inflatable summer pool is in use, or when you have a spot with freshly sown grass. The fencing arches are reliable and extremely easy to use – no need for adjustments of your installation or robotic mower schedule.
Includes 12 arches providing 1m² coverage.

Husqvarna Wheel Brush Kit

£24.99£34.99 inc. VAT
Keeps the driving wheels clean to maintain improved traction. Separate replacement refill brushes available here.