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Husqvarna 125BVx Handheld Vacuum/Blower

£299.00 inc. VAT
Engine 2-Stroke 28cc
Shredder Blade
Nominal Air Flow 722 m³/hr
Weight 4.35 kg

Husqvarna 120 Mark II 14″ Chainsaw

£169.00 inc. VAT
Engine 2-Stroke 38.2cc
Power Output (kW/bhp) 1.4 / 1.9
Power to Weight (kg/kW) 3.46
Bar Length 35cm / 14"
Weight 4.85 kg

Husqvarna R 214TC 94cm Out-Front Rider

£3,449.00 inc. VAT
A flexible and powerful Rider with a high-torque twin-cylinder engine and factory-mounted, 94cm Combi cutting deck, offering first-class BioClip® (mulching) and rear ejection cutting. Suitable for home- and landowners who require extra high efficiency, ease of use, superior manoeuvrability and a truly enjoyable ride. Pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, easy-access controls and automatic blade engagement.

Husqvarna Automower® Endurance Blades

£22.99£119.99 inc. VAT
Husqvarna Automower®Endurance blades providing more than twice the lifetime compared to classic blades thanks to the new design. The design allows for a harder and sharper edge without compromising on safety standards and provides cutting edges on all 4 sides.

View our guide on how to change your Automower® Blades below

Husqvarna 2-Stroke Oil HP

£2.29£10.00 inc. VAT

Husqvarna Aluminium Felling/Splitting Wedge

£22.99£29.99 inc. VAT
A re-groundable wedge with barb surface on one side that prevents the wedge to go back.Wedges help the tree fall

Husqvarna Thermo Flask 750ml

£14.69 inc. VAT
The Husqvarna thermoflask is made of steel, has a capacity of 0.75 litres and bears the Husqvarna logo. You can

Husqvarna Sports Bag Navy

£26.24 inc. VAT
The Husqvarna Sports Carry Bag Holdall is a good solid duffel bag for travelling. The roomy carry bag is also